Against Law 21, the Afghan National Front unites with the fundamentalists

The Federal Reserve will stop at nothing to attack the Bell 21. This is what is currently happening with the National Film Board of Canada.

The organization puts online courses for schools. In one, the 11-year-old students watched a video and read a text. The title sets the tone: “Disassembling gender-based Islamophobia.” Let’s translate. Criticism of wearing the headscarf in women phobia mental illness.

To push this lie into our children’s heads, ONF is careful not to make it clear that the use of this garment has spread from the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and the rise of Salafism in Saudi Arabia, two anti-Western women fighting against men’s equality. and women. The headscarf, which is not stipulated in the Qur’an in any way, has been used for political purposes.

In this debate, the truth is that Kibbers don’t care about religion. They have no problem with Muslims who practice their faith in a spiritual and personal way. On the other hand, when people demand that their religion dictates the regulation of communal life in society, for example at work or at school, the vast majority oppose it.

All these elements are absent from the explanations of the front that is doing the propaganda here. In an activity related to the course, children are invited to make a video whose theme is: The government has passed a law that disproportionately affects Muslim women.

This part of school material was removed last Monday. A spokeswoman on the phone explained to me that there was a misunderstanding and that we were not aiming for Bell 21. Pardon??? This legislation was clearly targeted. ONF blinked when it realized a storm was coming.

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This intent to attack Quebec’s secularism becomes clear when we look at NFB’s partners in this project. First there is Ranm Azzam, a teacher with a PhD in Education and Social Justice. Indeed, when she was a student in the ’90s, this activist explained to toronto star His View of Islam in Canada: “Most of us realize that we are not like Western youth. We know we are different and this strengthens us in our faith.” At the same time, she criticized Muslims who are assimilated by embracing Canadian values.

The master’s thesis focuses on how “schools participate in the construction and maintenance of ethnic hierarchies”. In my PhD, I looked at how multiculturalism facilitates the inclusion of racist students.

Mme Azam is part of the Muslim Teachers Association of Toronto, and is another NFB partner. This group recently shared Ramadan tips for teachers on Twitter. During meals, it is necessary to wear Safe place Available to Muslim students, on the understanding that they will fast. For younger children, school officials should contact parents to see if their children should also be denied water and food. Religious arrangements for physical education classes and for exams are also recommended. In order to be respectful, teachers are advised not to make comments like, “Wow, that must be hard!” Instead, encourage the youth by saying, “I’m sure you’re excited for Ramadan!”

So these are the kind of fundamentalists that NFB is associated with. But is it really surprising to learn that last fall, activist organization Rachel DeCoeste woke up as its diversity director? We just learned that a school board in Ontario organized a book burning that was deemed racist. not only Decost welcomed the decision, but also called on other organizations to follow suit.

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In the past, NFB played a noble and unifying role, which is to showcase our culture. Today, this organization has become a device for indoctrination of young people in the service of Canadian multiculturalism.

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