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“You young graduates, do not deny science and capitalism!”

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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TRIBUNE – During the graduation ceremony, students from the AgroParisTech School of Agricultural Engineering criticized their training, saying that it “generally pays to participate in ongoing social and environmental devastation”.

Olivier Papeau is president of the Sabines Institute (a think tank).

The speech given by some students during Graduation from the School of Agricultural Engineering AgroParisTech He made the rounds on social media. Certainly, it is in the nature of young people to be enthusiastic and idealistic. At the age of twenty, we thirst for the absolute and willingly devote the past to shame. Rebellion is one of the stages of life. Every student has his temptation with a 68 as we have later on in Venice. However, the talk from these students did not express momentum, but the deep concern of a young man tired of “anti-system” indifference.

First of all, we’ve heard all the clichés about anti-capitalism, which in themselves are sad in the mouths of graduates: “sarcastic chief”And 30-year loan for the suite And “Fatigue at 40”. As if work and a professional career could only be Jenna. Our students who are not passionate about anything…

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