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Young Juliet and the Others: The Age of Denial at its Best

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Buttons, dangling arms, and silly looks: Yes, adolescence is a tough time. But in cinema, it often becomes the raw material for funny and cruel libertarian comedies. on the occasion of broadcast Young JulietWe provide an overview.

Young Juliet, by Anne Emmond Photo: MétaFilms

The new faces in Young JulietBy Anne Emmond (2019)

accustomed to the authors’ intense and strict cinema (night number 1And the Nelly…), Anne Emmond is surprised to deal this time with suffering, loneliness and marginalization, but from a purely comedy point of view. Juliet, laminated“,” text “:” coated “}}”> laminated As her father sweetly says, about to finish her second high school, it’s the end of purgatory for this little girl who finds everything bad, except for her best friend, as skinny as hers, and her longtime brother William, her boyfriend. The last one that makes Juliet’s heart beat.

But above all, along with a proper storyline to reveal all the absurd cruelty of adolescence, we happily discover the new faces of Alexan Jamison, Lianne Deseltz, and the gorgeous Gabriel Beaudy.

Two little girls cling to a lamppost.
Still from the movie Olivia Wilde Booksmart. Photo: Booksmart (2019) / United Artists Releasing

Strength for girls in first in class (Box Mart), d’Olivia Wilde (2019)

What a big surprise this was the first achievement for actress Olivia Wilde! Two friends about to graduate realize that spending their time with their noses up in books definitely helped them succeed, but they may have missed out on their teenage years. So they decided that their last evening would make up for everything they missed!

The so-called feminist, schoolboy humor, the story of drumming, natural and hot dialogues, first in class, is once again a celebration of female friendship, adolescence revised and corrected in a more modern sauce and two adorable actresses (Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever).

Two teenagers in a school hallway in front of the lockers.
Napoleon Dynamite, De Jared Hess Photo: Fox Scout

Tongue-in-cheek discomfort Napoleon DynamiteDe Jared Hess (2004)

The look of the big arched pegs, the huge glasses, the red and curly hair, the mouth permanently half open: Napoleon Dynamite has it all.

But that doesn’t stop him at his small college in Idaho from writing all kinds of stories for himself and finding friends, especially Pedro, a young man from Mexico who wants to become their class president. As grotesque and playful as it may be, comedy has become a cult, especially thanks to this combination of unease, obsessive sense of humor, and tongue-in-cheek tone.

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Close-up of young blonde actress Elsie Fisher in the high school hallway.
The central figure of Kayla in Eighth Degree, from director Bo Burnham Photo: A24 Productions

The clear view on social networks in my eighth year (eight degrees), de Bo Burnham (2018)

Audience Award at Sundance Festival, my eighth year The quality of the grading is innovative as well as its nature for integrating the great importance of social networks and social context in today’s youth development. Because the film’s heroine, Kayla, 13, posts self-confidence and identity videos on YouTube, but finds it difficult to implement her own advice in her life.

Despite his many attempts. The humor is sarcastic, tone-on-tone, and the presence of young Elsie Fisher in this character of a young girl in her skin is like endearing temptations.

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