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Young Manitobans collaborate on a Netflix short film

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I still can’t realize Chantal Philippot says. The 19-year-old and his four classmates Aaron Raymondo, John Hildawa, Anjali Seydoux, and Matthew Tardagela produced a 5-second animated series for the movie in Summer 2020. They didn’t think the project would take too long. Of size.

This 8-minute short film was produced in response to the killing of Ahmed Arberry, a 25-year-old black man, by a resident of his Georgia neighborhood while jogging.

Soon after, Timothy Ware Hill filmed himself running down the street reciting his poem Cops and robbersI wrote several years ago. Arnon Manor offered dress-up video with cartoons from around the world. More than 30 studios collaborated on this business.

Educators Bernard Albodbod and Jaime Leduc supervised students from Sessler High School on this project. For us, it all started in November 2019 when the Chief Animator was at Avengers: EndgameAnd the Infinity warJean-Philippe Kramer came to give a presentation at our high schoolAs Jaime Leduc says.

During his visit to the host Winnipeg I felt a real connection with the studentsTeacher says. Seven months later, Jean-Philippe Kramer called Jaime Leduc to suggest that he bring together some of the students who had just finished the program to illustrate a phrase from the poem.

Four days later, a group of five young volunteers participated in a Zoom call with animators from around the world, major studios and freelancers.The teacher remembers.

The collaboration with the producers was very rewarding, according to Jaime Leduc. He said that Timothy was amazing. He is an emotional and lovely person who wants to make a difference in the world. He is the perfect mentor for young people.

Most people treat students as if they don’t know what they’re doing, but Timothy doesn’t. He took our thoughts seriously and I think that’s one of the reasons. ”Cops and robbersVery strong.

Chantal Philippot, hostess

For two weeks, students spent over 60 hours on the project to illustrate the sentence Because even when black is in the light, people still don’t see the s – t (Which can be translated by: Because, even when the black man is in full light, people see nothing at all).

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Fifteen days is really a very short time in the animation worldChantal Philippot explains.

An enriching experience

Jaime Leduc says the students had just finished their studies when they were offered the project. Even if it were, he explains, they took the opportunity. It was a unique opportunity to put their skills to work for something close to their heart.

Chantal Philippot adds that she is proud of the short film’s influence within the movement The black lives movement is important. According to her, this project is an opportunity to show that art can help change things.

The movie proves that art and animation aren’t just fairy tales. It’s also about talking about true feelings and everything that affects the world in a million ways.

Chantal Philippot, hostess

According to the teacher, this experience was not only beneficial to these students’ skills, but also to their openness and culture. Timothy and Arnoun in Winnipeg taught us what is happening in the rest of the world, He said.

Real success

Last October, the short movie became popular with Netflix after it was purchased. Jada Pinkett Smith co-starred as executive producer, and Lawrence Bender (known to work on it Pulp Fiction And the will the hunt) As a product.

Students were informed at the end of the year that the short film was under consideration for an Oscar nomination. Last Monday, they learned that he wasn’t finally chosen.

For Chantal Filippot, that remains a victory. I am proud to be part of this adventure, which has strengthened the voices of millions of people who need to be heard, And concluded.

I am only 19 years old and almost winning an Oscar!

Chantal Philippot, hostess

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