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YouTubeur Raw website Thierry Casasnovas in plain sight of authorities

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Sects do the work of the epidemic: more than 3000 reports in 2020 New Privacy, online health educators introducing new treatments or diets. Like this view that has 500,000 subscribers and Defends raw foodThierry Kasasnovas. Until it was found Coronavirus treatment You simply have to fast and eat raw vegetables.

This lifestyle, which he has been promoting since 2011 based on his purported experience, would serve, he says Treating other diseases Like a cancer. In one of the videos he says, “I was suffering from tuberculosis that was eating my lungs.” He definitely owes his miracle cure to rudeness. In 10 years, he gained half a million subscribers on Youtube. It offers juice extracts for more than 1,000 euros through partners and regulators Configurations

Victims Defense Association Cults Receives regularly Calling regarding it. “The two examples they have are relatives who call saying that a family member has changed their diet and changed their perspective on illnesses,” says Mary Dryon, chair of the branch at Evelyn. Recently, His anti-vaccine speech Worry about the Home Office. He is under investigation for endangering the lives of others.

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