10 things to know about Animal Crossing’s Happy Home Paradise expansion

10 things to know about Animal Crossing’s Happy Home Paradise expansion

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home Sweet Home heaven It’s only been about a week, and he still keeps some secrets, even The most experienced players in this series. It must be said that with Update 2.0There is already a lot to do in the base game besides advancing in our new interior design career! Here are answers to frequently asked questions and tips on how to get the most out of the extension.

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Go back and edit your creations

When you build a home or infrastructure, nothing is carved into the rock; You can always go back to change the layout. Houses can be moved, personnel changed, and furniture moved. And as a bonus, you also receive a Bucky for renovation work!

Give a box of chocolates to a local to invite them to the island

If you want to make a vacation home for a resident of your island, just give them a box of chocolates, and they will ask you to take them there. You’ll find these chests in the Custom Paradise store in the lower left corner.

Pick up chrome and shiny moss

On the hill at the end of the main island of the sprawl grow vines and shimmering moss. Least of them! They will grow again. This is the most effective way to accumulate these new resources, which are only found in some of the Admiral Islands.

Don’t worry about decorating

In order to please your customer, all you have to do is include the few items that he explicitly asks for in the decoration. This means that if you are in a hurry, you can open the chests and finish your decorating session without consequences. This also means that if the vacationer asks you for a huge bath, you do not have to completely give in to his whims!

Play independently from other humans

If several of you live on an island, fear not: unlike the main game, the expansion allows players to advance separately. So everyone will have a completely independent archipelago. This is ideal if you have children with questionable decorating skills; They will now have their own playground!

Install multiple vacationers per plot

Don’t worry when it comes to choosing where to move a new resident! Each plot of land can accommodate an unlimited number of homes coexisting in parallel universes. So it’s technically possible to make a vacation home for nearly 400 animals in the game!

Complete the story to modify the houses on your island

To unlock the ability to rearrange the homes of residents on your home island, the magic number is 30. After you have custom-equipped 30 vacation homes in the Sky Archipelago, you will reach the end of the expansion story. (Although you can still make homes.) It will then be possible to modify the dwellings of your residents.

Spend your pokies to open the catalog

When you spend at least 150,000 Pokis in the Custom Paradise Shop, you’ll be able to order all the items you’ve unlocked from Mantin in Happy home paradise. And if you’re overwhelmed with bells, know that after equipping 23 homes, you’ll also have access to a small portal that allows you to exchange bells for bucks.

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