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10 years against dentists accused of “mutilating” their patients

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“Une cupidité insatiable” : la peine maximale, 10 ans de prison, a été requise lundi contre Lionel Guedj et cinq ans, dont un avec sursis, contre son père Carnot, deux dentistes jugés pour avoir mutilé des centaines de patients à dan Marseille, southern France.

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The public prosecutor requested a referral warrant against the defendants and demanded that they also be fined 375,000 euros (approximately $515,000) for Lionel Gage, 41, as well as the seizure of his building, and a fine of 150,000 euros (more than $205,600) to his 70-year-old father.

Both are undergoing trial in Marseilles for six weeks to enrich them against the background of health insurance and mutual insurance companies, by making as many dental prosthetics as possible for patients who do not need them, having worn out their teeth. Some of them are for life.

322 people joined as civil parties.

Abscesses, abscesses, unbearable pain, black mouth, bad breath, unbearable prosthetics: the victims told the tape the consequences of a chain of operations in this office established in 2005 in a poor neighborhood of the second city in France.

Faced with these testimonies, the public prosecutor said he saw the defendants “cold, inaccessible, and devoid of all remorse.” On the penultimate day of the trial, Prosecutor Michel Sastre noted, “Even the last arguments of the civil parties, they will not stop raising their eyes to the sky.”

He also denounced the “insolence” of the accused, who, during the hearings, continued to “belittle their responsibility and the extent of the disaster.” The judge recalled the “shame” of some of the victims, and their “guilt” that they had been subjected to it, with one even stating that he felt “raped”.

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Mr. Sastre insisted that the son and his father, France’s 2010 leading dentists in terms of income, with a turnover of 2.6 million euros.

“We do not distort 3,900 teeth by mistake: repetition is evidence of intent,” his colleague Marion Chabot said in the face of the two dentists who cited a medical error.

The trial is scheduled to end on Tuesday with defense arguments before a verdict is taken.

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