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2-0 win in Chicago | CF Montreal puts out the fire

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Not only did the Montreal club lose, but it added an amazing touch to its victories.

Updated yesterday at 11:47 PM.

Jean Francois Teutonio

Jean Francois Teutonio

And that, even while fanning the stuttering fire: Montreal played 10 to 11 the entire second half, but won 2-0 in Chicago on Saturday night. This brings the undefeated average to eight for Wilfried Nancy’s men, who equaled the club record set earlier this year.

The coach spoke of “courage” after the match. From “Strength”, “Confidence” and “Resilience”.

“He gave the men everything they had,” he said. They faced an unexpected ordeal. […] The men stayed on the job. They stripped naked to score this victory without scoring a goal. They were brave. I’m really happy. »

When Nancy talks about an unexpected ordeal, he’s referring to the work of chief administrator Michael Radchuck. The referee collected harsh and questionable decisions on Saturday evening. The tune was set when he gave Ismail Kone his second yellow card, at the end of the first 45 minutes.

“I’m not used to talking about referees,” the coach said. I suppose they also have feelings. But today, yes, it was complicated. Until the fourth official [sur les lignes de côté] He was fine with that. But now, the guys were able to get past it annoyed, but they kept playing.”

Rommel Golazo

But we were talking about a show. So let’s get to the heart of the matter.

There was only one team on the field in the first half. This dominance was confirmed in 19e Minutes, courtesy of Ismail Kony’s silky right foot, specifically.

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Quebec received a short pass from Lacey LaPalainen on the edge of the penalty area. Then he hit a great ball, and sent the ball to the right corner.

  • Ismail Kony


    Ismail Kony

  • Rommel Kyoto (30)


    Rommel Kyoto (30)

1/ 2

And who other than Rommel Koyoto – or rather Rommel Golazzo – to operate the steam engine? On a long free kick, his shot settled superbly in the ropes. was 15e For Quioto this season. Sixth in four games. Call the fire department, this guy’s on fire.

Visitors used cruise control at this time. He also benefited from the early exit of Swiss star Xherdan Shaqiri from the 30e Minutes, he was wounded in the groin. But Montreal’s plans quickly changed.

Briza wins

In theory, the context was favorable for Chicago’s return in the second half. But this would be a misunderstanding of fire. The locals offered nothing decisive in the second period, despite the one-man advantage and cards that were piling up for Montreal.

It must be said that Sebastian Brezza has had one of his great performances this season. As soon as the local fire caught on, the Montreal jailer threw his bucket of water.

  • Sebastian Briza counters.


    Sebastian Briza counters.

  • Montreal goalkeeper interferes with an air ball in the penalty area.


    Montreal goalkeeper interferes with an air ball in the penalty area.

  • Sebastian Briza blocks the ball against Jairo Torres (7)


    Sebastian Briza blocks the ball against Jairo Torres (7)

1/ 3

Briza featured some great balls (50e64e) and well calculated output. Everyone who shared the net with James Bantamys for a month and a half plays with growing confidence.

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He also got great help with a tough defense in front of him. Because even in 10 against 11, the Montreal fences were playing hard.

“Usually, when teams play with one man less, they rest on their own deck, Waterman analyzed. We don’t want to be left behind. It doesn’t matter if we’re inferior. We play the same way and defend the same way.”

We were able to adapt. The staff was proactive on the side. He was able to respond to situations when we needed him. And the group too.

Samuel Peet

The co-captain adds that this victory proves that the Montreal club can win anyway.

“He showed the strength of character that we have. We are a capable team, but when we have to be dirtier, we can do that too.”

Mason Toy Stretch at 73e After what was believed to be a shoulder injury, but his coach was reassured that the American “had a stomachache,” which made the CFM crew reluctant to include him in the match.

The last 15 minutes were like the second half: the match was tense in the Montreal area but the defense held.

Incidentally, this victory for CF Montreal is already the eighth obtained in opposing stadiums in 2022, one more victory than his victory at home. This was its fourth shutdown since mid-July. Certainly, this team is less shy.

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