20 years of work by Antoine Bertrand: “I am the luckiest person in the world”

“I am the luckiest man in the world,” Antoine Bertrand called out without hesitation, reflecting on the path he had come since leaving theater school at the Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe in 2002. A few days before coming out of the comedy-drama goodbye happiness, which marks his return to the big screen, the 44-year-old actor takes stock of the first 20 years of his successful career in film and television.

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Antoine Bertrand says in a long interview with magazine last week.

Twenty years, already… He himself seems surprised when it was pointed out that he already has two decades of work behind the tie. It must be said that everything went very quickly for the big guy who did not wait until the end of his studies to land his first role on the small screen, in the series. Virgin (from 2002 to 2006).

“The first ten years passed by at lightning speed,” he notes. Because it seems that the more you work, the less time you see. Initially, I did several plays and TV at the same time. There were summers when I used to spend 100 hours a week, including 60 in line without sleep! When I was playing in the room Call me Stefan [en 2007]I had to practice sitting in the theater because my feet were bleeding from the shooting. I have a lot Target During the early years, but it allowed me to loosen up after that. “

Apparently it was his character Junior Bogon who gave a boost to his career by propelling him to the rank of a small screen star, at just 25 years old. The irreverent series, written by François Avard and Jean-François Mercier, aired from 2004 to 2006 on Radio Canada and was a resounding success, attracting an average of 1.85 million viewers each week.

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“I often say that bogons Five years of ads and small roles saved me trying to make a name for myself, confirms Antoine Bertrand. with bogonsWe all became names at once. “


20 years of work for Antoine Bertrand:

Photo by Jocelyn Michel, by consulat.com

During our interview, at a restaurant in the Magdalen Islands, the day after the film’s first public screening goodbye happiness, the locals will approach Antoine Bertrand several times with the aim of having their picture taken with him. Each time the actor answers them with humor and complicity as if he has known them for years.

Because it’s not only Antoine Bertrand who has seduced audiences over the years. People were also fascinated by the lovable character of this kind, tongue-in-cheek love.

“I’m like La Poune! I love my fans, and my fans love me,” he laughed, pointing to the famous slogan.

“I’m jaseux and I love the world. It’s in my nature. If I were a plumber, I’d be the same. People often approach me on the street to talk to me. We ended up chatting for several minutes, and at the end, they were the ones who ended the conversation by saying: Sorry, Antoine, but We have to go … “

For Dramatic Comedy goodbye happiness, who takes the poster on December 17, Antoine Bertrand reconnected with director Ken Scott, who had already directed it Starbuck ten years ago. The film features four siblings – raised by Bertrand, Louis Morissette, Patrice Ropitel, and François Arnaud – who meet at their family’s large home, on the Magdalene Islands, as a final tribute to their father. Antoine Bertrand embodies the character of Thomas, nostalgic for siblings.

“It’s a role that fits me like a glove because I’m the king of nostalgia,” the actor admits. Thomas is unable to grieve. It’s filled with endless sadness, and it’s one of the emotions I like to play best. There is also sadness about it. It gave me a lot to explore tragicomedy, a style of play that I love. “

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French movie star

After being kept secret in the cinema since the comedy was released LiarIn the summer of 2019, Antoine Bertrand will be very much present on the big screen for the coming months. In addition togoodbye happinessTranslator Louis Serre stars in two French films that will be shown in France in March: three times nothing And I love what you do.

“When I look at how far we have come in the past 20 years, I realize how lucky I have been,” he says philosophically. I had great opportunities. I’m spoiled and I realize it’s easier for me compared to others, because I don’t necessarily have to fight for roles. But, at the same time, I always try to earn my place and not get tired. Because there is nothing worse in life than someone who has received a gift and does not appreciate it. “

goodbye happiness Premiere December 17th.

Five turns Excellence

kids dance bogons (2004-2006)

“Junior Bogon’s character has definitely been crucial to my life and career. I was 25 or 26, and I was asked to play Tanner. Player bogonsIt was like playing a superhero. And the procedure often went through Junior because he was the family soldier who always went to the front. Being able to rub shoulders with Remy Girard on a daily basis on set helped me a lot in learning to watch TV. “

lawyer in Starbuck (2011)

“It wasn’t the main role in the movie, but it was still very important to me, because it was part of my calling card in France. The first two directors who hired me there did it because they saw me. Starbuck. It was also my first good movie role. She played a small role in What it takes to live, but with StarbuckThis was the first time I was trusted for a role with more material in cinema. “

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Louis Ser (2013)

“Everyone knows that this character has lived in me for more than 12 years. I auditioned for the role about ten years before filming began and trained for several months before shooting the movie. But I was always excited because I had been waiting for this challenge for so long. It was very motivating to be Able to play a hero like that.”

Corey Labelle in The above countries (2016-2019)

“Like Louis Sayre, he’s a hero who was fun to play. The good thing about historical characters is that you can document yourself before you play them. I read Curé Labelle’s autobiography, and it helped me a lot in that role. The moment we shot the priest is still one of the The most beautiful photography experiences of my life. There were times when we had to stop walking around because everyone was screaming. It was very touching. I am lucky to have played this.”

twig in three times nothing (2022)

20 years of work for Antoine Bertrand:

Image Courtesy, Charter

“This comedy by French director Nadège Loiseau hasn’t been released yet, but I allow myself to include it because I’m very proud of it. It’s a movie we shot in Paris in December 2019 and features three homeless people who win a good amount of lottery. I play Brendel, one of the three homeless Who want to get off the street. It’s a social comedy that deals with serious and serious matters. It was a nice playing field to play a guy like this, who already has his head, but at the same time he has seven years of street life in his body.”

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