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Does money bring happiness? Science has discovered this question that worries us a lot

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Does money bring happiness? This question can be taken from Philo’s baccalaureate records, and to answer it we can refer to the Beatles (“Money does not buy me love.”Money does not buy me love (or Aurora)“You can’t eat money,” You can’t eat money), but we can also approach it from a statistical and scientific point of view. There we get into measurable considerations.

Of course, happiness is subjective, but we can determine people’s perception of their happiness, which gives us a very accurate idea of ​​who is happy and who is not. And the role money could play in it. A role that would be much less important than one might think, as it has just been explained A Spanish-Canadian study published in the journal “PLOS One”..

Does money (a little) still make happiness?

However, scientists have long maintained that money contributes to happiness, even with its nuances. So said researchers from the University of Cambridge I looked at the problem from a spending perspective A: They studied 77,000 banking transactions in the UK – and interviewed their authors – to find that people who spend the most on purchases that match their personality are happier, and that these types of purchases are more important than their income or even the total amount of their purchases. Expenses.

“Our findings indicate that money is spent on products that they have

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