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7 Popular Sunny Destinations Open to Quebec Tourists

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Canadian government Abroad, but many countries are back in welcoming travelers with certain conditions. This is the case for many sunny destinations .

Are you planning to return to the south soon? This list (not exhaustive) is for you!

Obviously, before deciding to travel, it is necessary to consult the official websites or – even better – a travel specialist for all the nuances and updated information.

Also, don’t forget to consider going home, since anyone aged 5 and over entering Canada, whether vaccinated or not, must submit a negative PCR test dating back less than 72 hours, and that the isolation procedures Applicable to persons under 12 years of age and those who are not vaccinated (see our helpful links at the bottom of the page).

* Our information was up-to-date as of October 1, 2021. It is taken from official destination websites and relates to tourist trips.

Here are 7 destinations that currently accept Quebec travelers:

Dominican Republic

Punta Cana, Samana, Puerto Plata … Vacationers from many countries around the world – including Canada – can visit the palm trees of the Dominican Republic again. The Dominican government has taken various measures to reassure travelers and claims, for example, that 100% of employees in the tourism sector have been vaccinated.

  • Who can go? Canadian travelers have been vaccinated and not vaccinated.
  • Negative test mandatory? No (unless you have visited certain countries before). Random breath tests may be conducted at the airport.
  • quarantine? Non.
  • Travel permission? Yes, completed before arrival: (available in French).
  • Good to know: This measure excludes all-inclusive hotels, but curfews remain in effect in several regions of the country.
  • informations: (in French)


From Yucatan to Baja California, Mexico is open to international tourists and is among the countries with the least entry restrictions. As with Canada, its land border with the United States remains closed until October 21, 2021 (at least).

  • Who is the? Canadian travelers have been vaccinated and not vaccinated
  • Negative test mandatory? Non
  • quarantine? Non
  • Travel permission? Yes, completed before arrival:.
  • Good to know: The country is divided into colored areas, and health restrictions and measures vary according to the latter. A map is available here if you want an overview (in Spanish): .
  • All information: (in both English and Spanish)
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Costa Rica

As of August 1, 2021, all international tourists can enter Costa Rica without exception. The state has even resumed, in a supervised manner, sea tourism for the 2021-22 season. However, those who have not been vaccinated must obtain private insurance.

  • Who is the? Canadian travelers have been vaccinated and not vaccinated.
  • quarantine? Non.
  • Negative test mandatory? Non.
  • Travel permission? Yes really. You must complete a health permit application (“pase de salud”) within 72 hours prior to arrival, upload proof of vaccination (if any) and present it at the airport upon arrival: (in English or Spanish).
  • Other measures? Unvaccinated travelers are required to have health insurance that covers accommodation and hospital costs in case of coronavirus infection. This insurance must meet various listed criteria
  • All information: (in French)


The Bahamas has been welcoming vacationers from across 700 islands and 2,400 islands for several months now. There are now fewer requirements for fully vaccinated travelers.

  • Who is the? Canadian travelers have been vaccinated and not vaccinated.
  • Negative test mandatory? Yes really. For vaccinated travelers: PCR or Rapid Antigen Test should be performed 5 days or less prior to the date of arrival. For unvaccinated travelers: PRC test (only) to be done 5 days or less prior to the date of arrival. Only children under the age of two are exempted.
  • Travel permission? Yes really. In fact, you have to do Visa request Online at least 48 hours prior to entering the country (Bahamas Health Travel Visa). Vaccine test results and/or Covid test results should be uploaded there. The cost of this visa ranges from $40 to $70 depending on the length of stay and includes compulsory coronavirus insurance: (in English).
  • Other measures? Unvaccinated travelers 12 years of age or older should have a rapid antigen test on the fifth day of their trip to the Bahamas.
  • For notation: Local health regulations may vary from island to island.
  • All information: And (in English)
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Cuba intends to reopen its borders to international tourists starting November 15, 2021. Canadians can already get there without quarantine, but they must stay in an all-inclusive hotel, in a tourist area, and do business with a Canadian company. Other rules also apply, such as PCR tests on arrival, etc. To learn more about the current measures, (in French).

  • Who is the? Canadian travelers have been vaccinated and not vaccinated.
  • compulsory test? For non-vaccinated travelers: Yes (negative PCR test performed within 72 hours of travel). For vaccinated travelers: No. However, random PCR tests will be conducted upon arrival at the airport.
  • Other measures? Covid insurance is mandatory for all travelers (usually sold in all inclusive packages).
  • Good to know: Tourists will once again be allowed to travel around the island from November 15, 2021.
  • Useful details: PCR tests for return to Canada are offered directly in all comprehensive programs at a cost of $30 (or alternatively, at international clinics).
  • All information: (in French)

Florida (USA)

to the displeasure of many «Snowbirds»Canadians cannot travel to Florida by car, as the land border with the US has been closed since March 2020. However, they can get there by plane without any problem, as long as they provide a safety test. Coronavirus negative or evidence of treatment. As of November, proof of vaccination must also be required for travel to the United States.

Our neighbors in the south, who have imposed significant restrictions on the access of foreigners to their lands, have announced that they will accept From the “month of November”, then request proof of vaccination. Details will be seen in the coming weeks.

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  • Who is the? Canadian travelers who have been vaccinated and unvaccinated are transiting by air.
  • Negative test mandatory? Yes, for all passengers aged 2 and over. Several types of tests are accepted, including rapid antigen tests (cheaper than PCR tests). This must be done within 72 hours of travel.
  • quarantine? Non.
  • Travel permission? Yes: (in English).
  • Other measures? You must not have traveled in Within 14 days of entering the United States.
  • Good to know: Unlike some other states, Florida does not have additional local rules for travelers.
  • all information: And (in English)


Jamaica reopened its borders in June 2020, and in August welcomed its 1 millionth customer since that acquisition. But know that tourism is limited to the so-called “steadfast corridor”. These are two tourist areas on the north and south coast of the country, where hotels, shops and attractions are accredited.

  • Who is the? Canadian travelers have been vaccinated and not vaccinated.
  • Negative test mandatory? Yes really. PCR or antigen testing is done three days before travel, for ages 12 and over.
  • quarantine? No (unless you are staying outside the Flexible Corridor or traveling on business).
  • Travel permission? Yes, it must be submitted 7 days prior to the planned trip .
  • Other measures? Until October 9, visitors traveled toThey will not be accepted within 14 days of their stay.
  • All information: (in English).

Some useful resources if you are considering traveling again:

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