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758 cases of dengue have been confirmed on the island and the epidemic is accelerating

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There are 20 municipalities concerned with case clusters mainly located in the west in Port, Saint-Paul and La Possession, and in the south in Saint-Joseph. So far, only serotype 1 has been detected among the confirmed cases.

Since the beginning of the year, 308 people have been treated in the emergency room and 114 patients with dengue fever have been hospitalized, including 19% for a severe case (an increase compared to 2019 and 2020). Although rare ocular manifestations (sudden and sometimes severe loss of vision) have been reported in some patients one week after the first symptoms of dengue fever appeared. In this case, it is advised to consult an ophthalmologist or go to the emergency room.

In order to reduce the spread of the epidemic, and prevent dangerous forms of the disease that require hospital treatment, the prefecture and ARS remind the population of the importance of consulting a doctor as soon as symptoms appear, to protect themselves. Mosquito bites and elimination of breeding sites in the home.

A case of dengue fever as of March 31, 2021 (Data from the French Public Health Unit for the Region, ARS)

Since January 1, 2021:
2,648 confirmed cases
114 hospital admissions
308 emergency visits

Cases have been identified in 20 municipalities: Bras Bannon, Saint-Paul, Saint-Andre, Trois-Basinis, Saint-Benoit, Saint-Leu, Saint-Rose, Le Tampon, Slazy, Saint-Philip, Saint-Denis, Littang Salé, Sainte-Marie, Petite Ile, Sainte -Suzanne, La Possession, Le Port, Saint-Joseph, Saint-Louis, Saint-Pierre.

· In the west : The number of cases reported in El Mina Municipality is increasing (55% of reports). The number of cases also continues to increase in La Possession and St. Paul (11% of reports each). New clusters of cases have been identified in St. Paul.

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· in the south : After settling in Saint Joseph, the number of cases is on the rise again (5% of the total).

· in the north : Outbreaks of dengue fever have been identified in Saint-Denis in Brittany and Saint-Clotilde provinces.

The municipalities of Plaine des Palmistes and Cilaos have only reported a case for 4 consecutive weeks.

Clusters of cases (dengue foci) have been identified in the following neighborhoods:

Western Region
· Harbor (Cité Parny, Manes, Satec, SIDR Basse, SIDR Haute, Ariste Bolon, Exhaustion, Saint Ange d’Oxile, Old town, Say, Piscine, Magellan, Zac1, Orée du Bois, ZUP 1, Sedre, Cœur bleeding Haut, Low bleeding heart, Rivière des Galets)
· Property (Moline Jolie, Saint Laurent, Saint Therese, Cape Noire, Raven a.Malher)
Saint Paul (La Plaine, Jacot, Bauderre, La Bay, Belmine, Trou du, La Saleen-les-Bains, Lotte Bellevue, Florimon, Plateau Caillou)
Southern area
Saint Joseph (Lee Jack, La Caenne, Le Bouture, Le Guayev, Croce)
A tampon (four hundred)
Saint-Pierre (Barracks)

The northern area
Saint Denis (Brittany (Bottom), Saint Clotilde)

Recommendations to fight dengue fever

Protect yourself and those around you from mosquito bites, including during the seven days after symptoms appear:

  • Use insect repellant,
  • Installing mosquito nets,
  • They wear long clothes,
  • Use of dispensers.

Continue to protect yourself, even if you previously had dengue fever; Several dengue serotypes can spread and do not protect infection with one serotype from an attack by another serotype.

  • Get rid of breeding sites: Empty anything that may have water around your home
  • Consult the doctor if symptoms appear (fever, headache, muscle / joint pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc.) and take the sample in a medical laboratory prescribed by your doctor to confirm the diagnosis of dengue fever.
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