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A bad injury cemented him in Colorado, not his performance

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Having played only one initial match, Colorado Avalanche Alex Galchinock’s Cut. In the end, Chucky will have spent eight days with the team, He’s the one who signed a professional trial contract last week.

It’s a shame, because I honestly believed that he would be able to secure a place in the old Nordic alignment. With all the talent he has, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see him start the year there, as he’s moved on a lot in recent seasons.

But, Galchenok’s cut appears to have nothing to do with his performance on the rink. We learned earlier today that the player has been seriously injured and will have to stay on the sidelines for a long time.

Even Jared Bednar, the club’s technical director, said there is a chance of seeing the avalanche reconnect with Galchenyuk when he’s healthy.

If Bednar confirms this, it is because he liked what he saw during the short time when he was Galchenok was part of from the avalanche. This is clearly excellent news for the concerned director.

I’m happy for the man. I always loved him when he was in Montreal (not as much as my colleague Félix Forget said) and I hope he will be able to settle down somewhere, forever.

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Because doing so many clubs in such a short time, it shouldn’t be too good for morale. At least, I don’t really want to be pressed right and left that way.

And we agree: Alex Galchenyuk has all the tools to prove himself as a good player in the NHL. Even on the 28th.

Yes, it was harder on him for a while and that’s okay. But it is not too late to return.

It’s not like he’s an old man, after all.

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