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A daily newspaper will boycott the World Cup in Qatar

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Front page of Tuesday, September 13 of the Daily Reunion.

Photo: screenshot: Le Quotidien de la Réunion

The newspaper’s director, Vincent Weibert, was surprised by the international reaction after this decision.

The director admitted that we did not think that out of our small stake in the Indian Ocean, such a situation would spark so much interest around the world. This initiative came from the head of the sports department in our daily newspaper and then transferred to the editor-in-chief and management. He asked how to deal with the topic of the 2022 World Cup, with regard to all the issues that it could represent. He simply suggested that we boycott the event. With respect to our values ​​and the founding values ​​of our daily lives which amounted to 46 yesterday (Tuesday), we have decided to boycott this World Cup.

Vincent Weibert justifies his action by saying that in 2022, We live in a world that is unfortunately getting worse, and this World Cup today is the culmination of everything that should not be done anymore. Both in terms of freedom of expression, in terms of the human condition, in terms of environmental conditions … It stimulates 1000%, all that the world no longer wants!

The director of the daily claims the role that journalism should play in raising awareness about this type of subject. When asked if he thought his initiative would be followed by others, the answer was straightforward.

Everyone is free! Since the news came out, we have received feedback from our readers and even people on French soil who support us. I want to make it clear that we are not against football, we are boycotting an event that is no longer acceptable today. Will it be a snowball? I don’t know, everyone is free to choose their position. Anyway, I hope to bring a small stone for the building from the Indian Ocean The director adds an entertaining look.

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Recently, voices have been raised to denounce Qatar, the host nation of the World Cup.

In the foreground, Amnesty International’s devastating latest report on inhumane conditions at stadium construction sites has counted more than 5,000 dead since its construction began. Lack of respect for individual liberties. Attacks on the environment through over-conditioning in stadiums are all arguments espoused by those calling for a boycott of the event.

Philipp Lahm, the former captain of the world soccer champion Germany in 2014, is one of them. He said recently that he will not go to Qatar.

Human rights should play a bigger role in awarding competitions Did he say?

French comedian Vincent Lyndon also called for a boycott.

Lack of respect for human rights and environmental perversion .. But we are in a giant shelter! Should football players boycott the Qatar World Cup? He wondered on a TV.

A few days ago, it was the turn of French international player Eric Cantona to make this call in an open letter on social networks.

Screenshot of a message.

Zoom in the image (A new window)

A message from Eric Cantona regarding the boycott of the Qatar World Cup.

Photo: screenshot – Twitter

Let’s be honest with ourselves! This World Cup is meaningless. Worse, it’s an aberration.

as condemns Thousands of dead And the Air-conditioned stadium madness for this great masquerade party .

In this cry from the heart, he adds: How many died building these stadiums, and why finally? Entertain the show for two months? World Cup This is the caricature of what a person can carry inside him as a severe filth!

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To conclude, the manager said Reunion newspaper Vincent Viber wanted to provide this clarification.

Our boycott is an editorial, but it’s also propaganda. This means that we will not accept any declaration related to the world 2022.

This call for a new type of boycott may lead to the spread of oil in the vicinity of the media.

Meanwhile, it’s small A pebble from the Indian Ocean who snaps into the world football boots.

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