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“I’ve never seen a lineup like this” – Joel Bouchard

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The least we can say is that Joël Bouchard is excited about the next generation of Canadians.

During his visit to “La Poche Bleue le midi” on Wednesday, the former rocket pilot said the group of players who will represent the Canadians in the junior tournament is the best he has seen in a gender competition.

“I just want to be very clear. List of Canadians for junior camp, I’ve never seen a list like that. I’m not just talking to Canadians, I’m talking about other teams we’ve been playing against as well. Belleville was very strong and there was Toronto. But what I see As an alignment, it has nothing to do.You don’t have a lot of players invited, almost all the players are at the gates of the National League or confirmed in the MLS.

The former coach also admits that he is looking forward to seeing a particular player develop.

“My special player is Kayden Jhel. Even before enlistment, I would get up every morning and have coffee watching videos of prospects while we were on respite with the pandemic. All the guys in this draft, I know them because I saw four or five matches in each. He was the guy who I wanted him, without talking about it with the Canadians, he’s Guhle. I love her. It’s rare for players like him.”

Bouchard also commented on the recent appointment of Nick Suzuki as captain of Team Montreal.

“Nick, I’ve known him since he was 16. He’s a good kid and I love him. I really like how he’s progressed over the years. He’s solid and he’s natural. I think he fits in well with where Canadians are now too. The plan is clear and it’s perfect like that.” I’m so happy for Nick. He will grow with all of this.

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The former defender doesn’t really mind how Suzuki inherited the job. According to him, teams always find a way to get the captain they want.

“Ultimately, you must finish the way the organization wants it to end. If you go there to vote, it is because you are absolutely certain of the outcome of the vote. In life, it takes a plan and a process to get to where you want to be. The best part is that the man who deserves Being a leader ends with the letter ‘C’ on the shirt at the end. It should happen with the guy you want.”

Watch the relevant clip in the video above.

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