A documentary film focusing on the Akkadian mothers of Boumkeh

The 10-minute short film reveals the memories of post-WWII women from Acadia, who likely hold their place in the home and community.

A short film about Akkadian women has been made in the Bhumkit region, and it will be shown as part of Mother’s Day.

Photo: Facebook (screenshot)

Berenice Doiron, one of the participants in the documentary, says faith has been an important strength for these women and mothers.

We were a big family, nine kids, and my dad passed away young, so I took over. She was a woman with a lot of courage. She was very religious. »

Quote from Bernice Doiron, participant in the documentary La mame de Pomquet

Acadian musician Weldon Boudreaux, who plays the interviewer in the documentary, was surprised by how spontaneously the people he met spoke not of their fatherly role, but of their mother’s.

Weldon Boudreau is in a car on the passenger side and looks straight ahead.

Akkadian musician Weldon Boudreaux, in a scene from the documentary La mame de Pomquet, where he goes to meet elderly people from the Pomquet region who tell him about their mother’s memories.

Photo: Facebook (screenshot)

When they arrived at Boumquet, everyone had prepared their mothers’ stories. They didn’t even talk about their background and experiences. It was their childhood experience. »

Quote from Musician Weldon Boudreau

landscape beauty

Director Valentin Alfano wanted to highlight the territory of the province of Antigonish in his photographs.

Valentin Alfano looks at the goal.

Valentin Alfano is the director of the short documentary La mame de Pomquet.

Photo: Facebook

I think it’s complicated to realize what the stories are, and what they mean, if you don’t see the distances, and the brightness, if you don’t feel the coolness that they aresays the person who intends to see the film travels to festivals.

There is indeed this connection between the landscapes of Boumquet and the interiors of the homes with the characters that speak to us. »

Quote from Directed by Valentin Alfano

The film is freely available to individuals and community organizations who wish to screen it May 6-10 as part of Mother’s Day.

Simply contact Société acadienne Sainte-Croix directly.

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