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A giant ring worth $5 million in downtown Montreal

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A new artwork called The Ring is set to become one of the leading icons in downtown Montreal, at a cost of $5 million.

Martin Jolicor Montreal magazine

The steel structure, 30 meters (90 feet) in diameter, will be suspended during the summer at the main entrance to Place Ville Mare. It is scheduled to open in June and installation in September.

This is what the ring of Place Ville Marie would look like when viewed from McGill College Avenue in Montreal.

photo courtesy

This is what the ring of Place Ville Marie would look like when viewed from McGill College Avenue in Montreal.

“With this impressive artistic installation, we establish our presence in Quebec and make a powerful gesture to the vibrancy of downtown Montreal,” said Natalie Paladichev, President and CEO of Ivanoi Cambridge, in a press release on Tuesday. Place of Phil Marie.

The work was designed by Montreal architectural firm Claude Cormier + Associates. The latter is known, among other things, for its installation of colored balls floating above Sainte-Catherine Est, in the Gay Village.

Made in Trois-Rivieres

The circuit was manufactured in part by Marmen, a Trois-Rivières company best known for its expertise in, among other things, building hydroelectric turbines and wind turbine masts.

Factory personnel must wear special masks so that they can weld inside the structure.

photo courtesy

Factory personnel must wear special masks so that they can weld inside the structure.

Since January, a team of 20 employees has been working tirelessly to deliver the large-scale work on time (by May) which consists of 15 departments, totaling a minimum of 23,000 kg (50,000 lb).

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“It’s not every day that we work on art projects,” says Sebastien Roy Gagnon, Vice President of Marmen. Everyone here worked very hard and we are all very proud of the result. When the ring is installed, I’ll definitely go and see it. And I don’t think I’m wrong in telling you that I certainly won’t be the only one. »

Workers at the Marmen factory in Trois-Rivieres.

photo courtesy

Workers at the Marmen factory in Trois-Rivieres.

Quebec pays part of it

The Government of Quebec and the Chamber of Commerce of Montreal (CCMM), together with Ivanoi Cambridge, contributed to this $5 million work. Of the total, a third, or $1.5 million, comes from the Quebec government’s Strategic Asset Maintenance Fund. This circumstance is managed locally by Tourisme Montréal.

In addition, a financial contribution of $500,000 was awarded by CCMM, on the sidelines of the “I Love Working Downtown” project. This initiative is funded by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

“The Ring is an ambitious project, made in the image of our city, and it alone justifies a downtown visit. I invite everyone [venir le] Find out,” says Michel LeBlanc, President and CEO of CCMM.

Five years working

“This new hanging icon of Montreal will hold a special place in our hearts and in images that will travel around the world,” said Yves Lalumiere, CEO of Touriste Montreal.

The opening of the circuit will be the latest milestone in the major renovation work that has been carried out at Place Ville Marie since 2017.

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A total of $200 million was invested over five years to improve its energy performance, transform its shopping center and revitalize its plaza.

Four actions that make people talk

Olivier Burke, Montreal Magazine

No one would dare criticize the Eiffel Tower today. However, at that time, it was rejected by most Parisians. As for the Olympic Stadium, even after 46 years it is not generally loved by the people of Montreal.

Here are some examples of less massive works by Gustave Eiffel or Roger Tailibert, which have caused a lot of backlash in recent years…and often not for the right reasons.

mix everything

Photo archive, QMI

  • cost: $75,000
  • year: 2011
  • Location: Jean-Claude Mallepart Center, Center Sud neighborhood, in Montreal.

Dialogue with history

Photo Archives, Dominic Lilifri

  • Cost: Estimated at $200,000 (a gift from Paris)
  • year: 1987 (dismantled in 2015)
  • Venue: Place Royale, Quebec

Ferris wheel…North Montreal

  • cost: $1.1 million
  • year: 2015
  • Location: North Montreal neighborhood of Montreal

humid environment

  • cost: $500,000
  • year 2009
  • Location: Sisters Island, Montreal

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