The National Film Council of Canada at Rendez-vous de la Francophonie 2022

NFB at Rendez-vous de la Francophonie: a tradition of accessibility that can benefit Francophone and Francophone communities across Canada

L ‘National Film Council of Canada participates for the seventeenth year in a row in Francophonie meeting (RVF), which takes place in a mixed format from March 1 to 31 that highlights a major theme: tradition. During this wonderful celebration of Francophonie in the country, NFB makes available to Francophone and Francophone communities across Canada, in theaters or online, six programs of documentaries, animations and interactive works designed for all ages.

More than 450 public and private parades and activities are planned in every province and territory across the country, from Newfoundland and Labrador to British Columbia. This cultural show also includes programming optimized specifically for the occasion

NFB at RVF 2022: Six Programs Accessible at Home

When it comes to celebrating tradition, NFB knows it! Full details of the six programs offered can be found herebut here’s the taste:

  • NFB has always been an incubator of talent, as evidenced by Program 1 dedicated to the film group curveresponding to the epidemic.
  • Program 2, for its part, reflects NFB’s vibrant innovation tradition, with two unique interactive works: far from far Written by Bruce Alcock, Jeremy Mendes and I love potatoes by Vali Fugulin.
  • Program 3 is inspired by NFB’s direct cinema tradition with a recent work: the documentary series groups by Moses Marco Chabot.
  • In Program 4, we can see how traditions continue to shape identities with highly sensitive documentaries: Saturday night by Rosana Mateke, sand story From Hyacinthe Combary and If time permits, by Elizabeth Isaac.
  • Two programs of dynamic and colorful short films are also offered to young people: Sports is always sports! And Grandparents, families and stories.
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sorting table – in theaters or online – can be found at RVF.caIn the department Schedule.

Improved programming on through RVF

You can also see online at all the works shown in RVF, as well as an enhanced program for fifteen films Extra enriching the experience of this great celebration. short documentaries Culture Choir by Marie-France Guerrette and Ski From Gilles Karl to award-winning animation works The physics of sadness By Theodor Auchief, via Feature Documentary In the land of the settlers Denis Desjardins, immerse yourself in the richness and diversity of Francophonie in the country!


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