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A group of feminist nuns in the spotlight let them be

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Maxime Faure, who now lives in Paris, met Nicole Getty one day in November 2013, while he was living in Montreal. While speaking with this woman, the director, curious by nature, was prompted to develop a feature-length documentary that would reclaim his career and members of his community, The Helping Sisters.

Those were already thirty, but today they are only eight. At the dawn of their group’s disappearance, these women want to pass the torch.

During the first month of his film production, Maxime Faure entered the daily lives of Gisele, Marie Paul, Nicole and Susan, without a camera or technical equipment. Over the course of the meetings, the nuns explained to her that they hired her They decided that the relief of their struggle and struggles was not in the religious world, but should now be in civil society Director Claudia Heber, cultural columnist for the show, explained all morning.

In recent years, these remarkably committed women participated in the 1995 Bread and Roses March, a ten-day, ten-day run initiated by the Federation of Quebec Women, headed at the time by Françoise David.

movie privacy so be itis that it occurs in the daily life of society. I wanted to look up an intimate word and go beyond the combative one, Maxim Faure emphasized. It is a film that provides the immersion in sharing meals and the care given to each other. I wished soso be it Or a movie at the crossroads between the intimate and the political. This feature film marks six years in the making and it’s time to get into everyday life, an intimate relationship that’s hard to picture.

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Although the main idea of ​​this feature film is that of Maxime Faure, the director – who also took an interest in the script – surrounded himself with several women to make this documentary. Production is thus ensured by Audrey Anne Dubuis-Pierre (Metafilms) and Estelle Robin Yu (Les film du Balibari), photography direction by Léna Mill-Reuillard, editing by Karen Benainous, sound recording by Martyne Morin and original. Music is signed by KROY.

so be it It hits theaters in Quebec on June 11 and will be available online from June 25 through several independent theater platforms.

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