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A quarter of Android users would like to switch to iPhone for this novelty

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The novelty of the iPhone attracts many users of the Android smartphone. According to a study, many consumers are willing to change ecosystems to benefit from them.

Beyond Identity, an American computer security company, surveyed 1,003 smartphone users residing in the United States. The study reveals why some Android phone owners are considering giving it up to buy an iPhone.

25% of Android users They say they are tempted to buy a smartphone from Apple. Half of those surveyed are pointing the finger Excellence in security and privacy » For iPhone, iOS.

“iPhone 13 users were more likely to say their phone was the most secure smartphone they had ever used”Explains what’s behind the identity.

Participants said that iOS appears to be more secure and more privacy-friendly than Google’s mobile operating system. Apple does not hesitate to play with this image, especially through advertising campaigns.

Last year, the Cupertino giant published a long report dedicated to iPhone security. According to Apple, Android devices are among 15 and 47 times more likely to get infected By viruses more than one iOS smartphone. The company accuses sideloading, and the ability to install apps outside the official stores, of putting Android phones at risk.

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iOS 16, the tempting asset of the iPhone?

iOS 16, the new version of the mobile operating systemIt will be very attractive to Android owners. thanks to her New features Dedicated to privacy, the interface is a selling point for 33% of respondents who are considering switching to Apple.

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Still in beta, iOS 16 for example should allow creation Virtual bank cards in safari. This novelty, which has not yet been officially announced, will protect against online frauds, such as phishing.

Apple also developed New “lock” mode Designed to ward off virus attacks. When this mode is enabled, the iPhone limits certain functions, such as wired connections or receiving attachments, to reduce the risk of an attack. According to Apple, this is Maximum level of security modified Very few users who, because of who they are or what they do, can be personally targeted by some of the most complex digital threats. ». Apple developed this mode to protect users from programs like Pegasus.

Note that despite the more secure image of iOS, 36% of Apple device users plan to join the Android ecosystem.

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