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TP-Link Tapo P110 test: discreet and complete socket

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Jillian Castillo
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The central power button turns the socket on and off remotely. Scenarios are planned by TP-Link. So far nothing exceptional.

Three tabs are also available. One of them gives access to the programming option, which allows you to create routines. For example, it is possible to choose to turn on the port every evening from 5 pm before returning home; Which can be useful if a fan or heater is connected to it.

The timer option starts the countdown before the connected port stops working; We’re especially thinking about cell phones that shouldn’t stay charged for hours.

Finally, the “absent” option stands out from the other two and appears to be the added value of the Tapo P110. Allows the connected port to be turned on and off randomly, during a predetermined period. A feature that looks interesting in the event of a long absence because it simulates being at home. It remains to choose the devices connected to it: a lamp or a TV seem to be the best options for deterring visitors with bad intentions.

TP-Link has equipped the Tabu P110 with another feature: real-time monitoring of power consumption. By scrolling down the list, you can access the data for the same day and the last 30 days and the energy that the connected object is currently using. Information regarding duration of use is also available for the same day and last month.

And to complete the connection of the Tapo P110, the Chinese manufacturer has made it compatible with several voice assistants. We find the giant Amazon, with Alexa, Google, and an even more secretive assistant, “Alice”. On the other hand, it is necessary to go through another application, obviously the aforementioned assistant application. Since the socket is not equipped with a microphone, it is impossible to order the Tapo P110 directly. The result is a lack of liquidity which makes the job somewhat eye-catching. The best thing is to have a connected object, like a smart screen, with a Tapo 110 compatible voice assistant. The socket can then be controlled remotely from several rooms in the house; And it will be possible, for example, to ask him to turn off the lamp in 5 minutes or turn on the fan for 2 hours.

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