A second season for Big Brother Celebrities

reality TV Celebrity Big Brother He will be back on the Nouveau airwaves this winter for a second season. Mary May will once again be on top of the competition among many Quebec public figures.

choral laplante

choral laplante

A series of challenges awaits participants who live under one roof. Comedian Jean-Thomas Jobin won the highest awards last season by winning the Celebrity Big Brother.

“Certainly, the first season was a knockout, and we’re convinced that a comeback for this TV phenomenon will be long awaited,” said Melanie Perrier, General Manager of Variety, Lifestyle and Documentaries at Bell Media.

In this show, the psychological, physical and social skills of public figures are tested in order to avoid being forced out of the house. Remember that the “disqualified” characters from the competition vote to determine the winner.

Celebrity Big Brother It will be broadcast on Novo waves next January. The participants in the 2022 edition are not yet known.

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