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A story of cyberbullying and resilience

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Ghislaine Reza in spite of himself was at the center of the first viral phenomenon of the internet age. In 2003, a Trois-Rivieres teenager filmed himself playing a Jedi, performing active fighting moves with a stick. The video was later posted to the web and he inherited the Star Wars Kid title. The footage has been viewed more than a billion times. Director Mathieu Fournier dedicated a documentary about the storm that was taking place in the life of this boy. Talking about it, accompanied by the protagonist, on a microphone Every morning.

Ghyslain Raza immediately makes it clear that he would not have been involved in the documentary if it had been reduced to a simple autobiography. Reflection should be an important component of the film. He explains how he was able to regain control of his life after being harassed and harassed.

Ghyslain Raza is currently pursuing a PhD in Law at Queen’s University in Ontario.

Radio Canada / Marie-Yves Cloutier

She is a character that was created away from me. I often say I’m not a Star Wars kid. I’m Ghislaine. »

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Ghislaine Reda

Young people were interviewed in the context of the documentary. Mathieu Fournier says he is amazed at their great sensitivity to Ghislaine Raza’s story.

He looks toward the announcer, headphones in one ear only, and smiles slightly.

Mathieu Fournier, screenwriter and director of the documentary “In the Shadow of the Star Wars Kid”

Radio Canada / Marie-Yves Cloutier

The use of a word like “approval” among young people in the third grade of secondary school today surprised me. There is still a portion of the education that has been done well. I tell myself that there is a little light in all of this. »

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Mathieu Fournier

documentary In the shadow of Star Wars Kid It will be broadcast on March 30 at 8 pm on Télé-Québec.

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