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( – AB Science Today, the SA announces the continuation of a Phase II study evaluating the antiviral activity of macitinib in patients with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, in accordance with the recommendation made by the Independent Data Review Committee (IDMC).

This phase 2 randomized (1:1), double-blind, 78 patient study (AB21002) aimed to evaluate the antiviral efficacy of macitinib in non-hospitalized patients at high risk of severe COVID-19 and in hospitalized patients requiring oxygen (via mask or nasal cannula).

The analysis was intended to assess the safety of the treatment and was based on the first 50% of target recruitment for the study. The Independent Data Monitoring Center noted that there were no safety concerns and recommended that the study continue without restriction.

This study targets the same population as the registered antiviral treatments baxilvid (Pfizer) and molnopiravir (Merck).

AB Science currently has two ongoing Phase 2 clinical studies in the treatment of COVID-19:

Study AB21002, aimed at evaluating the antiviral activity of macitinib in patients with mild to moderate COVID-19.
Study AB20001, aimed at evaluating the safety and efficacy of macitinib in combination with isoquercetin in hospitalized patients with moderate or severe COVID-19.
Both studies have now received positive recommendation from IDMC.

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