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RBC logo on CH jersey | “Other times, other manners”

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(Montreal) Montreal Canadian supporters make their decision, and the Royal Bank of Canada logo is there to stay on Saint Flannel, French President Marguerite Bellanger confirmed Wednesday in front of the Canadian Club of Montreal.

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Ugo Jijiri
Canadian Press

“Other times, other mores,” she began to try to shut down a debate that has infuriated many supporters since last Monday’s announcement.

During a conference delivered to an audience of businessmen, as well as fellow CH employees, Mr.I Bellanger reiterated that the 100-plus-year-old organization is determined to incorporate advertising into its legendary red uniform.

Photo by Marco Campanozzi, the press

France Marguerite Bellanger, President of Sports and Leisure of the Montreal Canadiens

We are, for some, too young to remember it, but there was clearly a time when there weren’t even announcers on tapes in the yards. Tournaments evolve and evolve.

France Marguerite Belanger

The Canadian Hockey Club’s Sports and Entertainment chief did not fail to point out that the National Basketball Association took that path in 2016 and that Major League Baseball will follow suit next season.

She described the practice as a “big trend” in professional sports in North America.

Regarding the criticism that rains down on the organization every time it has to make a controversial decision, she believes this is perfectly normal because “Canadians are part of the fibers of our Montreal, it’s our identity. It’s part of our culture and our history in Quebec, Canada.”

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Without knowing the financial details of the agreement with RBC, it is not due to a lack of economic dynamism that the Canadian made the decision to add an advertisement to his shirt. According to the data of the abbreviated 2021 season, 1.1 million viewers watch CH matches on TV. A number that jumped to 4.4 million during the team’s long playoff tour, Ms.I Belanger.

To this must be added 184 million views of the videos produced by the organization and broadcast on various Internet platforms. Canadians have 4.6 million subscribers to their online platforms and are ranked number one in the NHL for the number of articles read.

In addition, the hockey club will be able to take advantage of another new source of income this season by forcing its advertisers to tapes of competing teams in Canada. This means that thanks to the “digitally enhanced tapes” technology, the team will be able to replace the local broadcasters of other Canadian teams with its match broadcast partners.

“Our advertisers, not only will they be present at the Bell Center, but when Canadians travel abroad in Canada, whether we are in Vancouver or Calgary, we will still be able to see our advertisers by watching the game on TV,” she said.

This technology is already known to sports fans when we see digital ads appearing in large windows or on the snow while watching broadcasts of matches on TV or online.

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