Advertising on boarding school days

Advertising on boarding school days

Students in a classroom at Kuper Island boarding school.

In the 1950s, several propaganda films were made to promote the boarding school system.Photo: Radio Canada

Thanks to excavations carried out in former Indian residential schools, we now understand a little better behind the scenes of one of the darkest periods in Canadian history. A perfect system for a long time, especially because of the propaganda films that were produced at that time.

As the truth about the former residential school system unfolds, it is hard to understand why there has been so little investigation and resistance during the decades these schools have operated: It was a very meticulous, very well organized and organized work. There was a lot of discipline that was put into implementing this system there. And it really worked for a hundred years., explains Richard Kestapsch, a former survivor of the Saint-Marc-de-Vige boarding school in Quebec.

Richard Kestapsch spent ten years at Saint-Marc-de-Vige boarding school near Amos, Quebec. Inadvertently involved in one of these propaganda films: What I remember is that we were put in situations where we had to change into very clean clothes. We had to show off in front of the boarding school unlike usual as we played in the back of the building.

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