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Advice from the stands – hidden dog

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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On the field, whoever kicks the ball has to spot it. Coaches are shouting instructions at them from the sidelines. However, those in the stands have a sharper point of view and advice based on that. It’s the same in politics as it is in football. Note that YES politicians use strong words and accuse the government of incompetence, but they are very careful. You don’t hear from them that the government should rein in spending. They blame her for not knowing how to collect taxes. However, they are essentially helping, along with the government, to feed the beast that was born – with copious help from the ruling ANO at the time and the ruling experimental bloc today, the beast called Caregiving. Then the idea of ​​the state = helper took root. Instead of the idea that the state exists to ensure a reasonably stable environment for the free activities of citizens, the idea prevailed that the state should pump money wherever it squeaks, and since it squeaks everywhere, it should pump money up and down. .

This is what happened during the Babish era, as well as during the Fiala era. The opposition at the time and the opposition today are crying out that the government is not paying enough.

What about the sounds of the stands?

They are yours as well as mine, but the voices are also reliable. Traditionally, we hear Mirko Topolanek as well as Miroslav Kaluska. It’s especially hot for him, because he shrewdly left politics on the podium at the very moment when it was abundantly clear that economic disaster was waiting. On Monday, Vaclav Klaus called again, which means he is old. says f Interview with Novinki. Let’s add a humorous detail: There’s a reader poll for the interview, and 93.7% approve of general cuts, as of Monday night. Jesus on the cross, if only this were a picture of the general mood! Fiala will do this by phone, say, from Honolulu, or wherever he is at the moment. But I have a rough suspicion that the radicalism of the respondents (which I also clicked on) is based on the assumption that the cuts will be sharp and widespread, but will not affect me. As for the radicalism of Messrs. Topolanek, Kalosek, and now Klaus, it is based on an enormous consciousness of political irresponsibility. Vaclav Klaus was right about many things in the interview (with the glaring exception of his Putinism, but that’s another story). He refers to his own situations, when he was able to be tough and firm in the 90s. But then some wise man agreed to tighten his belts, because the Bolshevik Kokorkov had nothing left but to grit his teeth. But thirty years have passed since then, and we have the merit of support for pseudo-capitalism and why we should all become poor because during those years everyone with connections and elbows found some sort of dispensation, support, grants, and government support for their existence. This ulcer should be cut out of the body of the economy by a conglomerate called the Alliance of Five, where everyone wants to be nice and no one deserves to take over Černý Peter? Those credulous, let them believe it and look forward to what project will come out of these wise men in May, indeed in June, perhaps in July or August.

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