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ALG A’ (1-2): Algeria in the Arab Cup Final!

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That was the evening of the Arab Cup semi-final match for Algeria. Majid Bougherra’s men faced the host country of the competition

Emotions were high against Morocco during the 2021 Arab Cup quarter-finals (2-2, 5-3 in the tabs), but for the EN A tournament for Glory Bougherra, there was still a question about continuing against Qatar with hope. To join Tunisia, who defeated Egypt (1-0) earlier in the afternoon.

To beat the host country, the coach again tied 4-2-3-1 but not without changing some names from the previous match. Exit from Touji, Meriziq, and Zerrougui, and open the way to the ghosts of Benlamri, Bounedjah, and, most surprisingly, Al-Darawi.

Vegetable composition: M’Bolhi – Benayada – Bedrane – Benlamri – Chetti – Draoui – Bendebka – Meziani – Brahimi – Belaïli – Bounedjah.

Remplaçants : Zeghba – Medjadel – Bouuguerra – Tahrat – Tougai – Abdellaoui – Titraoui – Mrezigue – Sayoud – Zerrouki – Soudani – Boutmene.

The first half is narcotic

Early on at Al Thumama Stadium, Qatar national team Felix Sanchez tried to take the lead. Intense pressure, worthy of Jurgen Klopp’s Geigenberger, drove Bordeaux’s forces through the first quarter of the hour, pushing them dangerously close to the cages of Ras M’Bolhi. The Algerian goalkeeper twice knocked out the Qatari striker with hooks that left the Greens fans sweating cold as El Moez rides on a bike that just passed her.

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After this slight storm, EN A settled further into the meeting. Shetty, at left-back, and Mezzani, at his right, make the difference, the second his name could have sent a crucial pass if Bounedjah had been a few centimeters more ahead. Too bad, especially since nothing big will happen during these first 45 minutes except for the numbers of Youssef Balali who, although looking less mobile than usual, doubles down on small bridges here and there.

At the end of the night, the dream remains the same

The second half went the other way. Immediately, the Algerians step in and apply pressure. A shot from Yassin Ibrahimi passed the upper corner, and another from Baghdad, Bounedjah hit the crossbar before an offside whistle was fired. Finally, in an Algerian corner kick, Houssein Ben Ayada recovers the ball fired by the opposing goalkeeper with a shot by Djamel Benlamri with a light kick from the helmet (0-1).

An advantage in the result, of course, but Algeria is regressing. Majid Bougherra manages a defensive substitute from the 67th minute, by launching the injured Baghdad Bounedjah in favor of … Mehdi Tahrat. EN A’ to 5 passes backward and inevitably regresses. Mbolhi is forced to leave the show, and Tayeb Mazani in his legs is injured by the Arab Hilal Al-Sudani.

The end of the game is very interesting. On both sides, we’re not building anything, we’re balancing and hoping. Too bad, especially since the referee gives neither more nor less than 9 minutes of extra playing time… and that in the 96th minute, Qatar ends up being tied by Muntari, who controls Taherat who was very impressive. Arbitration scandal and in the 90 +15 minute (!!!) Yassine Brahimi got a penalty kick that Youssef Belali will take at the end of the night. Whoever fails his attempt against Sudan rushes … and makes mistakes and then scores! The referee plays with our nerves and finally, at the end of the night, Algeria flies to the Arab Cup final!

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