Dr. Dre is coming to GTA Online with some music like never before

GTA Online just celebrated its eighth anniversary, and Rockstar Games is not planning to take any breaks. Yesterday, the American publisher released a new free update with massive content, which offers players to manage the Celebrity Solutions Agency. This new company is ready to solve the special problems that plague the big players from Los Santos, but also the music label along with the famous rapper Dr. Dre. The big surprise for this update? New unreleased songs from rappers.

GTA Online feat Dr. Dre

To upload new music, artists now have several options. There is the traditional way of releasing album and sounds on different streaming platforms. A few weeks ago, Booba chose the new technology and NFTs. Dr. Dre chose video games.

Fans of the rapper are waiting for a new album and songs of the artist that have not been released for years. Finally, they will be able to discover it exclusively on GTA Online by playing the latest “Decade” update. It’s a very historic move on the part of Rockstar Games that allows video games to take on a slightly larger scale. This also Another step towards Metaverses.

In this new update, famous rapper Dr. Dre’s phone has been stolen on the streets of Los Santos. You should definitely find it to avoid leaking new artist sounds. As players progress through the story, they will discover new songs from the six Grammy Award-winning hip-hop legends. These are the songs that will be exclusively featured in this massive update of GTA Online.

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Best of all, players can watch Dr. Dre working his magic at Record A Studios. This is a new music studio in GTA Online where players can meet another artist and get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation process. wind instrument;

This new update is a turning point in the history of GTA Online and promises great things for 2022 with the arrival of the service on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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