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Almost one in five people suffer from sleep apnea without knowing it

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Our health tip – When not recognized and treated, this disease is the cause of constant fatigue and can cause cardiovascular disease.

Because it only appears when you sleep, sleep apnea can go undetected for years, or even never be diagnosed. This is certain A recent French study Conducted with 20,000 participants: Almost one in five people can have apnea without even knowing it! Admittedly, the study is based on a questionnaire completed by the participants themselves. So it’s not entirely accurate: people didn’t undergo medical tests to confirm the diagnosis or not. But other work, which was carried out in the hospital on randomly selected people, confirms the results obtained.

No matter how many people are affected, this is a real public health problem. In fact, this disease, which manifests itself in stopping breathing for at least 10 seconds (between 5 and several dozen times per hour), greatly alters the quality of sleep and leads to significant chronic fatigue. ” Danger…

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