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Americans vs Canadians having fun in Para hockey

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Declan Farmer was the big star for the US national team with a goal and three assists. Jack Wallace set up two successes, while Josh Bowles scored a goal and an assist.

American hegemony will be complete. The winners made 26 shots on the Canadian net, as opposed to just 9 for their opponent.

Despite the loss, all is not lost to Canada. Representatives of the maple leaf guaranteed participation in the knockout round due to the exclusion of Russian athletes from the Games, reducing the number of teams in their group to three.

The top two countries will qualify directly for the semi-finals, while the others will have to advance to the quarter-finals. The Americans will face the South Korean team on Sunday, and the latter will meet the Canadians on Tuesday.

Open Americans result in numerical superiority. Farmer, after entering the opponent’s area on the left, sent a perfect pass into the hole for his captain Paul, who beat Dominique Larroque on the side of the gauntlet.

Brody Roibal doubled the USA lead late in the period after accepting a long shot from Farmer coming from behind LarRock’s net.

The United States increased their priority to three with a lucky pass from Malik Jones, who inadvertently dumped the ball behind Larrock when Jack Wallace, at the right corner, attempted a pass to the front of the net.

Josh Misiewicz put the game out of reach for the Canadians late in the second half when he pushed the ball behind the red line after a shot from Farmer could not be controlled by LaRoc.

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Farmer scored his goal at the end of the third half when he saved a pass from Kevin Mackie to defeat goalkeeper Adam Kingsmil, who was defending the Canadian goal in the third half.

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