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Anne Elizabeth Bose’s detective father inspires her to take on a role

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Last February, we learned that the third season of plan B It will feature Annie Elizabeth Boss. She will play Mylene, a 39-year-old policewoman who is going through a difficult period after breaking up with her partner Guillaume (Pierre-Luc Brillant).

The cast of the third season of the series Plan B Photo: KOTV

Radio Canada went on the set plan B, during the 23rd day of shooting, to speak with Anne Elizabeth Boss, among others.

plan B, from October 27 at 9 pm at ICI Télé

Put yourself in the shoes of a policewoman

Ann Elizabeth Buss says her father was a police officer. When she talks about it, she smiles, and we understand how passionate she is about the job. While preparing for the role, she also looked at the police officers on the street and practiced.

Anne Elizabeth Bose's photo.
Anne-Elisabeth Bossé Photo: Radio Canada

A complex and contradictory personality

Describing her character, Anne Elizabeth Boss Milen, is an easily forgettable woman in her work, and adds that she is strong.

If you have never listened to the series plan B, you should know that there are several parallel lives: we review certain moments lived with delay. Actors and actresses replay the same scenes, without them being identical, and it’s very difficult for Anne Elizabeth to act that way. The actress wasn’t sure how to get there when she received the scripts; Its a graphic trick to navigate.

We don’t play a full movie, we play a lot of small moments. I focus on the scene I have to play and that’s it. And the text editor is my guardian angel on the set.

Anne Elizabeth Boss

Why does Mellin accept Plan B?

This is the story of Mylene Clermont, a 39-year-old police officer who is going through a divorce and has a difficult relationship with men. You’ll get to a dramatic couple scene that challenges her and she’ll wonder if she can turn things around. You will use Plan B to make a difference. Over the course of the episodes, it will change itself , says director Jean-Francois Aslin.

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Portrait of director Jean-François Aslin in the set of Plan B.
Director Jean-Francois Asselin Photo: Radio Canada

To learn more about the series, we invite you to watch other interviews with producer Louis Morissette, director Jean-François Aslin, actors Vincent Leclerc and Patrick Emmanuel Abelard:

behind the scene plan B

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