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Final shot of Parkkins

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When Thomas had an idea for a script set in the nineteenth century, William immediately thought of the village built from scratch for the American series. He was appearing there. Soon, he took the necessary steps to be able to settle there. To their surprise, they were allowed to shoot.

We tried each other and I woke up one morning, I had a village! Cheers screenwriter who also has a small role in the movie.

Black powder It tells the story of four men who travel through a forest to reach a village.

Director William Cantine.

Photo: Radio Canada / Tania Beaumont

For the director, the fictional village was the perfect setting for the group. Men must live in a village in the forest. You cannot come close to a historic village that is little more than a “rich bourgeois”.

A race against time

If the site is still available to shoot, this should be done quickly. They told us they would demolish the village by June 15th at the latest William Cantine explains. We gave ourselves a sprint and it should take two months non-stop, every evening Thomas and I run

Young man in a vintage shoot.

Screenwriter and actor Thomas Dufour

Photo: Radio Canada / Tania Beaumont

The pace of action does not slow down while filming. When they met the team on Saturday morning, they filmed night scenes the day before in Lac-Beauport. With only a few hours of body sleep, filming was moving to Tewkesbury in the afternoon, on a hot, humid day.

The goal is to release the film in 2022. The director hopes it will be his Black powder He will tour the festivals.

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