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Apple Watch mechanical return at H. Moser

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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H. Moser house still standing and signs. After the first model in 2016 to mimic the design of an Apple Watch, the watchmaker is making an updateAlp watchMechanical watch Satirical and fanciful Which keeps the general diagram of the Apple connected watch.

The final upgrade – which will be the last of its kind – features a steel case surrounding the VE dial Vantablack, A substance made of millions of carbon nanotubes that absorb light up to 99.965%. It’s completely different from the first model five years ago (read: Swiss Alp Watch: Mechanical Apple Watch at H. Moser & Cie).

L’Alp de 2016 watch.

There is no second hand accompanying the main two, but Gait indicator Which raises loading animation; a ” Symbol (…) is in constant rotation Describes the watchmaker who reminds the wearer of the watch. The transient nature of time The watch houses a HMC 324 mechanical movement with manual winding (96 hour power reserve).

And of course, this model is “Swiss Made” from the ground up. The idea for this watch was introduced by Agent H. Moser, who wanted to bring a little humor and provocation. Joke not given: by knockout, $ 30,800 was paid.

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