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Arsenault et Fils: Karen Vanas and Luke Picard star in new Raphael Ole movie

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Raphael Whale has had great success with his films Truck And the Guroff and Anna, Without running crowds of moviegoers into theaters. A few days before filming his fifth feature film, Arsenault and his sonThis time, it is believed that all the elements are on hand to conquer the common people.

the recipe ? A crew brimming with proven values, like Karine Vanasse, Luc Picard, Micheline Lanctôt, Guillaume Cyr and Julien Poulin, paired with a thriller-like script that will leave onlookers a little rest, he says.

“I would expect there to be an ambitious outing that would allow us to reach spectators across the county Pour Karim, beautiful script, work. She understood why we had a more humble and discreet outing Truck. As for the Arsenault and his sonOur aspirations are greater, “says the director.

The story revolves around a family from the Bas-du-Fleuve family, who was a king and lord of a small village and derived their income from poaching.

Director Raphael Wole

Image courtesy Genevieve Peron

Director Raphael Wole

To build his movie, Raphael and him sketched out his past as a cinematographer in his forays into the shady universes. Cinema was influenced by James Gray at the time Yards And the We own the rights, Was also inspired by a popular trilogy.

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Filming will begin on May 15th in Montreal. The team will then move to Diglis, the director’s hometown, and Bolton. Everything must be completed by July 9th.

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except Guroff and Anna, Raphael Whale has always filmed a good portion of his films in Dégelis. why ? Simply because when he writes his movies, it’s by seeing these famous places in his head and this, just in caseArsenault and his sonThe proximity to the New Brunswick and Maine borders is important.

Fortunately for him, his producers agreed to extend the dollars needed for this trip 550 kilometers from Montreal.

The film is due to be released in 2022.

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