Arsenault & Fils: Taking a Genre Cinema Dream

I’ve been saying for a long time that Dolan pissed us off; It made us want to allow ourselves things. We needed that. Vallée and Villeneuve by their ambition too. We have the right to dream, which was probably less than before.

Rafael Ole

Since then, he directed the series blue moon And the Fatal Station. But Raphael Leh hasn’t made a movie for cinema since 2014 (Gurov and Anna). It is now fixed with Arsino & Sons, a tense crime story about a family who runs a garage in the small village of Bas-du-Fleuve and makes good money by poaching; An instinctive family, described by Ouellet using a quote from Réjean Ducharme that opens the film: “Cats just don’t lower their eyes when they cause mischief.” Between the thriller and the western, the director articulates the breadth and depth of a thousand leagues of culinary movie cliches!

We met Raphael Ole.

Arsino and his son, by Rafael Olli Photo: Sphere Films

You’ve been working on this movie since 2010. Now that it’s over, how do you feel?

Rafael Ole : Really proud. I, however, was not disappointed. I realize I luckily didn’t shoot the first version! The movie wasn’t bad, but there I was able to look for something, dive into the cinema that has nourished me my whole life, that has affected me. Perhaps I neglected it a little when I started, because the amount of means at my disposal did not allow me to dream about it. Fashion at that time also attracted me, Dogma brought me into the world, but also because I said to myself: I can do that“,” text “:” I can do that “}}”> I can do that .

And then, as I went on, I asked myself, “But why don’t I do that too, my friend Spiritual father? (laughs) I’m exaggerating, but I really thought, “Why don’t I have animals, or moving vehicles, or whatever is part of my DNA?” “Even if I am a Montrealier and an incorrigible arrogant, I am still this man who comes from a small village; I have it in me.

And then realizing I could have a bigger budget, I freed up part of the writing and part of my mind that was probably censoring itself.

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A man (clouds seir) was photographed from a low angle.
Arsino and his son, by Rafael Olli Photo: Sphere Films

You said in an interview that this movie took you to another stage. Which?

or : I think in the future it will be difficult to return to a more intimate cinema, behind closed doors, unless the story requires it. But I think it’s the move a little closer to the cinema that makes me shake; a little more commercial cinema; Cinema that makes me dream like Scorsese, James Foley, Michael Mann…this cinema always makes me feel the journey. There was some kind of glass ceiling holding me back.

Sometimes I still think young… When I was young, I watched movies, but I didn’t think it was possible for a guy like me, with a truck driver father and an accountant mother, to make the movies.

relaxed a little. when i did blue moon, I realized that I could enter these fields; I no longer restrain myself. I don’t have an American ambition, or climbing stairs, but only to be able to write more freely and in a way that is more relevant to my influences.

A young man with a pistol is seen through the flames.
Arsino and his son, by Rafael Olli Photo: Sphere Films

The cast is impressive (Julien Paulin, Michelin Lanctôt, Karen Vanas, Luc Picard, Pierre Paul Alain…). It’s organized around it clouds, in the role of older brother. Tell us about it.

or : The first time I saw him, I was amazed, because he has an extraordinary team with us.

At the beginning of the project, I was thinking of a giant bear, a kind of bear, strong but very cute. And when I saw Guillaume, he clicked! He had such a depth, it seemed obvious to me.

Then he grew up with the character, like me. It’s a 38-year-old character who lives in front of his grandmother’s house, who finally felt ready to open his own, but it was important to me not to judge him. I also wanted an anomaly in the arsenault’s biological family, as in heavyBy James Mangold I Don’t Hide It. This movie and at close range (like a crazy dog), by James Foley, runs through my veins! These two are what nursed me the most, even subconsciously.

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A man (sir clouds) in uniform, in front of a fire truck, in a crowd.
Arsino and his son, by Rafael Olli Photo: Sphere Films

with Arsino & Sonsone might wonder if all your work, deep down, is not haunted by the same question : What is being a good human being?

or : definitely. I feel there now.

It is not enough to be happy people [de plaire aux gens] Being a good person is appearance, but at the core, what is being a good person? What are the sacrifices, the gifts of the self that must be offered?

Should we obey the law, rules, and collective decisions? I also frequently wonder what task we have, and our destiny…I am a little surprised, indeed; I didn’t think of it that way, but it’s true.

Arsino & SonsIn theaters June 17.

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