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At major Mayenne hospitals, more than 90% of staff are vaccinated.

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Two months after Emmanuel Macron announced, Nursing staff must have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine on Wednesday 15 September to go to work. This concerns hospital and nursing home staff, home helpers, as well as firefighters. Without this vaccination, employees will be fired without pay.

We’ve heard a lot in recent weeks that the hospital was going to struggle, losing staff in sectors already under stress. corn, At Mayenne hospitals, more than 90% of caregivers are ultimately vaccinated. This commitment is likely to leave traces. “They played a dangerous game”, This is what a nurse from Laval Hospital said about it. Finally, Maine institutions should not see waves of leaving caregivers who refuse the vaccine.

At Laval, we have not yet commented on the numbers nor on the regulation. The administration anticipated vaccinations until the last minute. Four nurses, for example, have already reported that they will not come to work anymore. It’s not much, it’s true, but “These are the services that are having difficulty” union slips.

At Mayenne, more than 90% of employees will be vaccinated. Dozens of caregivers and nurses should back off. Most other caregivers have started the vaccination, especially by simply touching the wallet. in Château-GontierThe HR department isn’t worried, health executives haven’t raised any particular concerns. No doubt some of the alternatives will have to be administered as sick leave, a situation that will complicate matters further.

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