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Sudden explosion east of Sherbrooke

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Residents of the street at the intersection of King East Street knew that the land behind their house was commercial, and therefore its owner had the right to cut down the forest as part of a development project.

But they did not believe that the bombings would be carried out a few meters from their land. The bombings began in the winter of 2021 and are supposed to continue this week, according to Manon LeBlanc, a resident who has lived in the area for less than three years and overlooks the construction site in his backyard.

There was a sign for sale just before we walked off our street, and it was in the hands of an agent, but we thought it was “commercial, it’s a rock”. We didn’t worry about it, we didn’t worry, we didn’t expect ityou remember.

If she could go back, she doesn’t think she would have bought her property, given the circumstances.

When we bought, there weren’t many homes, we didn’t have much choice, my husband fell in love with this home, the kitchen, the location. To know … but the future, we do not knowShe said.

Contractor acted according to the rules, the city confirms

Ville de Sherbrooke confirms that the developer is within its rights to this project. His work was carried out with the appropriate licenses, in accordance with the rules of Art.

Only downside: temporary fencing installed at the edge of some lands to prevent falls lacks solidity. But since Radio Canada’s visit last week, the city has asked the contractor to replace it with a more solid masonry fencing, which he did.

Trees were also cut down near some dwellings. However, the head of the company behind the project notes that the trees will be replanted in accordance with municipal rules surrounding the buffer zones as soon as possible.

After consulting with Radio Canada, Sherbrooke County Planning and Management Service Director Yves Tremblay explained how future buyers can avoid the kind of history experienced by Florian-Ducesneau Street residents.

One can consult via the interactive maps of the city zoning and types of activities that can be located around the property and neighborhood, this is a guide. The second element, if the property is not occupied, is called to occupy, and it also helps to receive the implementation and construction workHe says.

Once the permit application is compliant, complete and in proper form, the City is obligated to issue the permit. »

Quote from Yves Tremblay, Sherbrooke’s Director of Regional Planning and Administration

As for other provisions, it is our building regulations that dictate the various procedures. Insulating strips, ramp height, protection measures. All of this is well managed automatically and precisely to ensure that things go on and that construction is done in order of thingshe adds.

However, it is more difficult, if not impossible, to obtain building permits from contractors. You should know that the building permit belongs to a private owner. It’s a special deal that happens. no information. This is not unique to Sherbrooke. This is what happens everywhere in Quebec. There is no indication, especially for an individual institution, that we are not in the process of opening an area for example, where there is a whole other approach. For an individual site like this, this is not information that is automatically shared with the neighborhood.

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In an email to Radio Canada, the company behind the project indicated that it intended to meet with neighborhood residents at the beginning of April to better inform them. The land under development should accommodate a future commercial building.

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