Belfast, by Kenneth Branagh, wins TIFF Audience Award

The film, inspired in part by the young director, tells the story of a working-class family in the Northern Irish capital during the 1960s.

The award is awarded after an online vote.

The award often gives a glimpse of what might happen at the Oscars.

last year, Bedouin It won the audience award in Quarrel. ChloĆ© Zhao’s feature film won Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

Previously, the homeless milionaire (lousy millionaire), green book (green book) And 12 years a slave (a slave for twelve yearsThe audience choice was also voted on at the Toronto Film Festival.

Scarborough is an adaptation of the novel by Catherine Hernandez.

Photo: Courtesy of TIFF

scarborough, by Shasha Nakhai and Rich Williamson, ranked second and dog power By Jane Campion, he came in third.

Scarborough He also won the award change maker, for a film that focuses on social issues. Over the course of a school year, the film follows three children from families who face multiple difficulties.

This year Quarrel It offered a range of indoor, outdoor and internet shows.

However, films that have not been shown online cannot receive the audience award, which is automatically disqualified. SpencerBy Pablo Larren et al DuneWritten by Denis Villeneuve.

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