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Biden jokes about Trump, still hopes to push rebuild better

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(Washington) “One of the few things we agree on. Joe Biden joked on Tuesday about the COVID-19 booster vaccine his predecessor Donald Trump received.

On that day, former President Trump announced that he had received his steroid dose. That’s one of the few things we agree on,” the US president said on Tuesday, in a speech dedicated to his strategy against Alternative Omicron.

His formulation is an understatement, as the animosity between the two men is strong – only because Donald Trump, despite all the evidence, continues to claim he is the real winner in the last election.

Joe Biden’s note on Tuesday refers to a video of a public intervention by Donald Trump, hosted by a former host of conservative Fox News, which he shared on social media on Monday.

“Did you get the booster potion?” This host, Bill O’Reilly, asks the former president, who answers “Yes.” Donald Trump then referred to the silencing of protests in the event audience. “Don’t do that! He repeats.

The ex-president and his wife were vaccinated shortly before they left the White House, but without being reported publicly, while Joe Biden received two doses of him and called him to the press.

However, Donald Trump later encouraged his supporters to vaccinate, despite the extreme reluctance of some of them.

Another opportunity in the $1750 billion plan

In addition, Joe Biden confirmed that he will find common ground with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who prevents in Congress the adoption of the US President’s social and environmental reforms plan.

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“I think there is always the possibility of ‘building back better,'” the White House host said at his press conference. “Senator (Joe) Manchin and I are going to come up with something.”

The senator from West Virginia said Sunday that he would not give his decisive vote to the “Build Back Better”, “Build Back Better” plan, Joe Biden.

That’s the $1.750 billion in spending that would make America victorious in the face of climate change and competition from China.

At the local level, this program plans to reduce the cost of childcare and medication, as well as significant investments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In November, the plan was adopted in the House of Representatives, as Democrats overcame internal disagreements between centrists — worried about the impact on religion — and the left wing, which wanted to push ahead with spending.

But it was refused approval in the Senate, which elected 50 to each camp. Thus, any Democrat or Affiliate has, in effect, what looks like a veto against bills if Republicans are consistent.

“The fight to ‘build back better’ is too important to let go, and we will find a way forward next year,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki stressed Monday.

The Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer, had promised to vote on a “modified version” of the big bill. “We will keep voting until we get something,” he insisted.

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