Biden wants to restore protections to endangered species that Trump removed

(Washington) President Joe Biden’s administration announced Friday that it wants to reinstate measures to protect endangered species that were greatly relaxed by the administration of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

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“The regulatory process will begin in the coming months to review, rescind, or reinstate the five Endangered Species Act actions that the previous administration finalized,” the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Monitoring Agency (NOAA) said in a statement.

This law, which dates back to 1973, is a world standard in terms of environmental protection, especially made it possible to save the bald eagle, the emblem of the country, from extinction. It has been significantly altered by the Republican government of Donald Trump.

Photo by Mike Ehrmann, AFP archive

The bald eagle was rescued under the Endangered Species Act, which dates back to 1973.

In particular, a clause granting the same protections to so-called “threatened” species as those “in immediate danger of extinction” was deleted.

Companies can now build roads, oil pipelines, gas pipelines, mines and other industrial projects in areas designated as “critical habitat” for endangered species.

The Democratic administration announced its intention to reverse these two measures, among other things. A law will be drafted, which will need to undergo a period of public comment before it can be finalized.

Environmental organization Earthjustice responded in a statement: “We are grateful that the Biden administration is moving forward to protect species most at risk by reversing Trump-era measures, but time is running out,” with concern that the process could take “months or even years.”

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