Big Brother Celebrities: Hugo tells us about his mental state during his ouster

Quebec fans had to say goodbye to Big Brother Celebrities last night, as the show’s grand finale took place on the airwaves in Nouveau. We were blown away by our Top 3 Stars Stephanie Harvey, Hugo Barrett, and Eleanor Lagasse during this episode, and it was Hugo who was ousted following the last episode. challenge.

The person we adored for his integrity throughout the show confirmed on his journeyAnd that’s what he thought about staying at the big brother’s house.

How do you feel now that the season is over?

Hugo: I feel really good and proud of my trip. I’m so happy Steve won, it was a great moment. We are still on the AverageAnd back to reality today! After 3 months of no cell phones, screens and even not being able to walk outside, there is so much to take in again!

Although you mentioned understanding Stephanie’s choice, we saw some annoyance on your face when you were a member of the jury. How did you actually feel?

Hugo: I already knew that if you lost challengeI won’t make it to the final, and I accepted it. I respected Steve’s choice, and in that moment, I really felt more tired than anything else. We were really exhausted, so I guess it’s just a combination of circumstances and realization. I was so tired that I had a hard time doing the interviews. Just staying awake and standing up was hard.

How do you feel about Éléonore after watching the episodes? Are you disappointed that she gave Stephanie a hint of it too?

Hugo: Never. I told her to do what she had to do. Coming into the top three, it’s really hard to describe the kind of love we have for each other. We loved each other so much that I really wanted my friends to win! Eleanor did everything to try to win and I have no grudge against anyone.

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Who.candidate.ea game that surprised you the most?

Hugo: I didn’t have any big surprises while watching the episodes. Honestly, I’ve seen through every single one, and that’s the kind of reason I wasn’t at the center of most of the adventure. I could see everyone for what they were and was close to just about everyone in the house, so that helped me get a good idea of ​​the runners’ game. Nobody, but after 13 weeks, you have no choice but to be yourself. The more the weeks progress, the more people reveal their true nature, as humane as it is player. You can’t hide for long, so I didn’t get any surprises, and it finally worked for me!

If you won challenge Final and become the ultimate boss, who would you take with you to 2nd place?

Hugo: I would have chosen Éléonore because she has been my ally since week one. We helped each other a lot and did the whole course together so just for that fact, I was going to get him to the final. In terms of voting, I can try to predict what would have happened in the jury, but it’s still tough. Everyone is human, and many say they will rationally analyze the courses, but it is a game with real feelings in which you make real friendships (by the way, that was part of my strategy). You may have the best alliances in the world, but in the end, you will always choose your friend before your own.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in this adventure?

Hugo: The biggest challenge for me was maintaining my mentality of always helping others, no matter the circumstances. I set myself goals, such as helping someone in distress before thinking about my goals Game. we are in pressure cookerA place with a lot of pressure and pressure. I think my calm nature should be used to extend a helping hand to others, even if it would hurt me Game. Usually these people, you don’t help them because they get kicked out early. I made it my goal to be myself and help them Regardless And I’m really proud to keep that in my game.

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After watching the episodes, would you have given your final vote to Stephanie instead of giving it to Eleonor?

Hugo: No, because I’ve been with Eleanor from the start and no matter how many lies you tell, I would have voted for her. Lies are part of Game from an older brother and it bore fruit for her; You have reached position 2! Steve really deserves to win too! She’s had the toughest Big Brother ride. She got back on her feet every time, which was inspiring and didn’t surprise me at all. That’s why I saved him the first week. She’s a really strong woman, and I’m proud of her and happy to support her.

If you had the opportunity to change something on your journey (voting, strategy, etc), what would you have done differently and why?

Hugo: I don’t think I would change anything in my career. Things that didn’t go well were out of my control. I don’t stress that much; There’s no point in worrying about things you can’t control. I have no regrets about my adventure.

What are your fondest memories of the whole adventure?

Hugo: These are the moments you shared with the candidates. spit It was amazing and I can’t say enough about it. What we see on TV are strategies and drama, but the rest of the day, we had cheerful! she was spit Really special and from what I heard, it wasn’t like the other versions of Big Brother. We had a special chemistry. Although the game was rawwe managed to put Game aside and love each other.

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** Note that candidate notes have been slightly modified to make the article easier to read. **

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