Blue Bay: From Canada, they sing Mauritius

They are far from their homeland but want to stay connected to their roots. Nothing is better than music to remind you of where you come from. Blue Bay is a group of Mauritian nationals who have been playing in Canada for the past two years.

Everything stems from desire. Promoting the Mauritian musical heritage for children. It is also lacking. Including Mauritian entertainment in Canada. Yuguesh Fagoonee, installed in this country for 17 years, decided in 2019 to gather around him music lovers. In January 2020, the Blue Bay Band, which he officially leads, was created.

The group consists of 12 members. Yogesh Vagoni, bass guitarist; Dhruv Fagon, drummer. Doig Fagoni, 10, keyboardist who is the youngest of the group; Yash Baktwar and Ranjeev Hurdwiyal, percussionists and backing vocalists; Kritish Swamper and Akhil Suraj, guitarists; Kishan Swamper, keyboardist; and singers Anu Hema Bansoodeb Fagoonee, Swatan Allear, Sanjay Ramkalawon and Vanessa Sharma.

Blue Bay is a group of Mauritian artists based in Canada.

“I passed on my passion for music to my children from an early age,” explains Yogesh Vagoni. The latter, himself a pianist and guitarist, and his wife Anu Hema founded in June 2019 a family group that later became Blue Bay Band. We wanted our children to stay connected to their homeland. We have gradually recruited other members to strengthen the team and promote Mauritian music in Canada and North America. “

Sega, bhojpuri, Bollywood, religious songs or pop/rock, Blue Bay Band touches everything and most importantly makes Mauritius dance. The group often goes out to create their own fusion music which they present on their YouTube channel.

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We have such a rich cultural heritage and we are proud to be a citizen of Mauritius but Canadians hardly know our culture. Through this group, we are able to promote and publicize our culture here in Canada,” asserts the founder of the group.
In fact, Yogesh Fagoni says he felt the lack of promotion of Mauritius’ musical heritage in his adopted country. We are trying to bridge this gap. Moreover, we are very present on social networks. ”

Blue Bay at the Geotab Virtual Concert in August 2021.
Blue Bay at the Geotab Virtual Concert in August 2021.

The group had the opportunity to make a virtual presentation for Diwali last November and for Mauritius Independence Day in March for the Mauritius Assembly in Toronto. He also participated in the company’s virtual concert, Phones Under the Eyes, organized by Geotab in August 2021, recorded at the Great Hall Theater in Toronto and performed Bhajan in rock style for ISKCON Oakville on September 5, 2021.

Projects never end for the group. “We are working on a remake of ‘Zubeda Loto Leke Jaye’ in collaboration with Bhojpuri Baja Baje Boys’ Ravin Sowamber in a fresh version and video filmed in Canada,” reveals the band’s leader.

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