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Boiled Egg Diet (-3 kg in 7 days?)

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The boiled egg diet is a restrictive weight loss technique. This recovery formula appeals to those who want to “lose weight fast”. But the boiled egg diet is a formula that is used in a specific context. Explanations, contraindications, and exit from the egg diet, I explain everything to you.

An egg consists of two consumable parts: the white and the yolk. Let’s start by describing these two parts, knowing that eggs will be mainly consumed in this diet.

egg white, protein

The egg white is the part of the egg that protects the yolk. It consists of 90% water. Among other components, there are mainly proteinthe main element is called Oval albumin but also lysozymes. This protein is interesting for its coagulant and surfactant properties.

Thus, they are the ones that allow Stabilize the egg white foam.

Only with 48 kcal / 100 g egg white food very light. Saves almost 90% water 10% protein And the no fat !

In terms of micronutrients, egg whites appear as A An interesting source of vitamins B2, B3 and selenium. 100g of egg white is enough to cover 25% of the recommended daily amount of these two vitamins.


The yolk is part of the egg source of food To developfetus. It is suspended in the egg white by twisted strands of cell tissue called ‘kalazas’.

Egg yolk is made of protein.a third of the fatIn particularunsaturated fatty acids. An average egg yolk contains 0.25 grams of cholesterol. It is therefore a mistake to systematically implicate eggs in hypercholesterolemia and suppress it.

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The egg yolk represents a Excellent source for ironbut this does not make sense, covers 15% of daily intake Recommended, especially for children and women who need it most. Besides cod liver oil and butter, eggs are among the best food sources Vitamin A.

The more colorful the egg yolk, the richer it is in vitamin A (100 grams of yolk cover 71% of a woman’s vitamin A intake). The egg yolk also provides a significant amount of vitamin D (20% of the RDI per 100 grams of egg yolk).

boiled egg diet

In the egg diet, we mainly consume eggsan eggVegetable broth and low-fat dairy products.

  • Serves egg whites, whether or not they are associated with one whole egg protein Good biological value prevents muscle wasting and ensures good satiety.
  • Vegetable broth provides hydration and prevents vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • Dairy products with 0% fat (you can add cinnamon or vanilla powder for flavor) provide calcium and complement the protein in eggs.
Egg diet or boiled egg diet – Dr.. Jean-Michel Cohen

This is a very fast diet sequence. This “quick” formula aims to lose about 3 kg in one week and with such attractive promise, you have to really explain who the goal is, specifying that it is part of the weight loss protocol. Generally under penalty of weight appeal which will be automatic.


breakfast :

  • 2 or 3 egg whites without yolks (number 3 is preferred for men).
  • 0% Dairy Coffee, tea, water, infusion to taste and without sugar.

lunch :

  • 2 or 3 egg whites (especially for men) + 1 whole egg with yolk.
  • Vegetable broth as desired.
  • 0% dairy 250ml water with lemon juice.

having dinner :

  • 2 or 3 egg whites (especially for men) + 1 whole egg with yolk.
  • Vegetable broth as desired.
  • 0% dairy 250ml water with lemon juice.
  • It will be necessary to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water during the day, preferably mineral.

This diet is not a technique that should be followed as a habit, it is a recovery regime that should be supervised and used on certain occasions.

When should you follow the boiled egg diet?

  • a medical emergencyLike before surgery or any event that requires a quick loss of a few pounds.
  • in case recessionDiscourage despite serious monitoring of the program in order to increase weight loss and morale.
  • in case there is special event (wedding…).

This diet, due to its very restrictive aspect, is not for everyone. You must be in good health. Thus, it is not recommended to follow the egg diet in the following cases:


  • The diabetic especially those dependent on insulin,
  • pregnant and lactating women,
  • people with food compulsions,
  • In case of severe arrhythmia,
  • liver or kidney damage,
  • eating disorders,
  • Intense sport.

If in doubt, never hesitate to ask your dietitian or doctor if there are contraindications.

After the egg diet

After the egg diet, a Rehabilitation is essential. Because if we suddenly go back to the nutritional rebalancing, there will be a minimum 1.5 kg weight recovery. It is therefore necessary, following this sequence, to switch to the flash diet (at least 900 calories) for at least 8 days. Then we resume our program for a minimum period of one month.

If this formula is planned on the basis of one week eggs, followed by one week at 900 kcal, then stay in touch with your feelings.

If you feel that following up is too difficult, it is possible:

  • To reduce the duration of treatment: 3 days of eggs + 3 days of 900 calories, for example, instead of 7 + 7.
  • In case of cravings, eat the vegetables used to make the broth.

In any case, this recovery option remains subtle. It is highly recommended to drink well in parallel, not to overdoPhysical activity During the same period he completed a slimming diary.

This sequence should not be repeated more than once every two months.

To make it better, take a closer look at the full video on the topic in the middle of the article. And if you have any questions, join the Cohen Method dietitians during our live consultations!

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