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Here’s how to get a Sony console on Amazon for sure

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It’s 2022 and the PS5 is still hard to come by, because the Sony console is limited in quantity. Don’t panic: the situation is getting better and Amazon is making an offer that increases your chances of winning the precious offer!

Since its launch in November 2020, Sony’s PS5 hasn’t been widely available, and for good reason: It’s been assaulted by gamers while Sony has grappled with a lack of components.

How about today as we approach the second anniversary of the console? It’s always tense! Stocks are unpredictable, sometimes on weekends for some retailers, sometimes on weekdays for others. We’re still noticing a slight weakness with the arrival of new console reservation options, particularly what Amazon is offering with its ordering system by invitation. That’s enough to increase your chances of getting a PS5 in stock and we tell you how!

Sony PS5 console is on hold on Amazon

Amazon is offering the PS5 at €549 for the standard version of the console. The site has created an invitation system for this. On the page, the “Add to Cart” button is replaced with an invitation request link. By clicking on the latter, Amazon will ask you for your email address. If you receive an invitation, a confirmation email will be sent to you through the site, with a link to order your console. It’s actually better than pure and simple unavailability, even if Amazon specifies the same that the fact that an invite is requested does not necessarily mean that it will be respected. However, it costs nothing to try it out!

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Order PS5 from Sony on Amazon by invitation

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