Brigitte Puigoli had to cancel her appearance on Star Academy tonight due to a health problem

Brigitte Puigoli had very bad news to share this weekend: You won’t finally be able to be a part of this Sunday at the Variété de Star Académie.

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The singer posted a short message on her official Facebook page, in which she explained that she could not be present due to a minor health problem. I picked up a microbe that unfortunately turned into aphonia, which clearly made it impossible to perform on stage with academics.

It also had to cancel one of the shows yesterday, Saturday, for the same reason.

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This is what I wrote:

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“I’ve been looking forward to getting on stage tonight for you, St. Bruno’s people. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time….This week I discovered some little germy friends who have turned out to be losing a voice. I’m not in a position to sing for you, Neither tonight nor tomorrow at the Star Académie. (I swear you don’t want to hear me sing right now!) To all ticket holders, I invite you to contact the Ticket Office Center Marcel-Dulude, who will take care of you. I’ll take care of my vote, I can’t wait to see you again XX”, let’s We get to know the person who just became famous during the 2009 edition of the competition.

Brigitte was in attendance for the Jerry Bullitt tribute party, which also features Dan Bigrass, Claude Cobra, Brian Leboeuf, and Danielle Boucher.

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We wish him a speedy recovery!

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