Bruno Verdone: Desire to live a life of Tintin

Montreal actor Bruno Verdoni has succeeded in the French and English film and television industries. Receptive to different worlds from the small screen, a kid who’s been dreaming of knowing the same existence of a famous reporter…

Bruno Verdone, what youth programs have distinguished you?

It appears the young men who have stayed with me the most are certainly the ones who have fed my imagination the most, perhaps at a very young age where the line between reality and fantasy is very thin. I’m thinking of floor and cup And surprise box, among other things, where situations and characters are so attractive that simplistic motifs in no way prevent children from imagining everything. everybody TintinAlso, you saw me glued to the small screen.

What are the best childhood memories associated with the small screen?

A variety of entertainment captivated me in my childhood and adolescence. American shows like cartoons of superheroes (it was all Batman), Cosmos 1999And Witch sweetie master, but also Disney World, beautiful onesAnd pumpkin bob And all the wonderful musical themes.

Did you watch TV a lot when you were young?

Not as much as today’s kids of course, but an hour or two after school and religiously every Saturday morning. It was always hard to get up early to go to school, but listening to “colleagues” on Saturdays, it wasn’t a problem.

Is there a person who influenced you?

Although he is a character who does not age very well, in a way, I have always found Tintin to be very inspiring with his courage, knowledge, loyal friends and his dog. I wanted to live strong adventures like him, which I was able to experience a little in my own way as an actor.

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Is there still a song from the show stuck in your head?

Even today, musical themes resonate a lot in my childhood heart. I cannot say that only one person wins a palm, because there are many people who immediately transfer me: beautiful ones And rabbit flea, themes of American series such as Hawaii 5-0And manix And Jenny I heard it through the walls, because I was too young to look at it…

Finally, what do you think of today’s youth TV?

I honestly think that a good program perfectly combines the “educational” and “entertaining” aspect, as Radio Canada did great in the 70’s and 80’s. Children need to develop their imagination and I think the most beautiful inner journey is where they have to fill in what is not there, visually and soundly, on the screen. […] I prefer this tradition – where Quebec excels – that gave us IniminimagimoAnd Touch Touch And bagpipe.

Bruno Verdone’s talent appears in the second season of Error, shown on Club illico. He loaned his features to lobbyist William Taylor, who is Celine’s ex and father to her daughter Sophie.

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