But who forgot his big snake in the coach?

At first, I thought someone had just left it as a joke, says Michael Hathaway, Director of Transportation at Mountain Man Mike. as in the movie Snakes on the plane.

But when I gave him a little kick he came back to life, continues the operator, who found the animal on Friday in a car that traveled from Vancouver to Calso.

Michael Hathaway initially feared that the animal would be injured, but the latter was afraid. He explained that the bus had been parked in a parking lot for 16 hours with its windows closed. It was about 120 degrees Celsius indoors!

Mr. Hathaway brought the beast home, fed him mice, and gave him water.

Expert Michael Hathaway said the reptile is a corn snake, like those usually sold in pet stores.

This isn’t the first time Michael Hathaway has found a native animal in one of his cars.

I once found a bear in one of the buses.

Quote from:Michael Hathaway, Mountain Man Mike Transportation Service Manager

I was in a store, heard a bang, came out and saw a bear getting on the bus and eating trash in the trash water bin, He says.

Mike Hathaway’s children are delighted to welcome a new animal into their home.

Photo: Mike Hathaway

But, this time around, her kids are happy to pick a new friend in the house. If the owner of the snake is not found, they will be very happy to keep it, says Michael Hathaway with a smile.

They are already squabbling about which room the reptiles can sleep in and they have given it a little name: Cream of Corn.

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