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California | 3 killed and 27 injured when a ferry boat sank

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(Los Angeles) Authorities said an overcrowded boat presumably carrying illegal immigrants crashed on the California coast near the Mexican border on Sunday, killing three and wounding 27.

France Media

The 12-meter-long boat crashed when it collided with the shore near San Diego on Sunday morning, forcing passengers to descend into the water in an attempt to save their lives, according to eyewitness videos.

“It is a smugglers’ boat,” said Jeffrey Stephenson, a spokesman for the US Border Guard, who was supposed to be trying to bring illegal immigrants to the United States, adding that a man suspected of being the captain of the boat was being questioned.

“The smugglers do not care about the people who exploit them. All they care about is profit. The safety equipment was not enough and it was clear that the boat was very crowded.”

San Diego firefighters said the 27 survivors were hospitalized with varying severity injuries.

The United States is facing a peak in illegal crossings on its border with Mexico, with 172,000 people arrested in March, a level not seen in fifteen years.

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