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Canada Day Lights: A chance to reflect

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There will be a Canada Day celebration in Ottawa on Thursday, including a show broadcast on Radio Canada and CBC Television. Sensitive to the demands of communities shaken by recent discoveries of indigenous children’s graves near Kamloops and Marieval residential schools, Canadian Heritage nonetheless stresses that it wants to encourage reflection and solidarity.

Under these circumstances, many cities in Canada, including Victoria, British Columbia, Cap Pellet, New Brunswick, and Sudbury, Ontario, have already canceled planned celebrations of the country’s anniversary. Indigenous activists, including through the #cancelcanaday movement on social media, are planning mass meetings across Canada on July 1 to protest the still-scheduled festivities.

Understanding and flexibility

On the side of Canadian Heritage, which remarkably organizes the big show Canada Day Lights, stressing that the event was never questioned, despite the controversy.

Served straight from Ottawa and adorned with pre-recorded capsules across all counties, the gathering, as well as Véronic DiCaire and Jully Black in animation, will bring together Jann Arden, Les Trois Accords, Johnny Orlando, FouKi, Tyler Shaw, Damien Robitaille, Melissa Bedard and rapper Sean Jobin and others.

Programming has evolved in recent days; Characters like Guylaine Tanguay and the Beyries were added to it, while Lara Fabian was forced to withdraw due to a problem with her vocal cords, on the advice of an otolaryngologist. Hey Babies, who were due to be guests, won’t be there either. Many traditional and festive numbers have been promised, and performances will also be broadcast on the Canadian Heritage YouTube channel.

“This year, more than ever, Canada Day pushes us to show solidarity, understanding and resilience,” said Carolyn Zajkowski, director of media relations at Canadian Heritage, in a press release. It invites Canadians to come together to reflect on our history and culture. especially, [elle] It gives us the opportunity to maintain a sincere and inclusive dialogue conducted in a spirit of reconciliation. It allows us to strengthen the bonds that unite us and look to the future of our country with optimism while acknowledging the past.”

“With hundreds of unmarked burial sites on or near former residential school grounds recently discovered, it is important that Canadians come together to reflect on the past, and to reaffirm our commitment to learn from our history and walk the shared path of reconciliation,” the ministry states. Also, explaining that “the way Canadians choose to celebrate Canada Day is as personal and diverse as Canadians and Canadian women themselves.”

press mandate

The story is similar to Radio Canada, which covers Canada Day extensively every year on all its platforms, television, radio and the web. Crown points to its journalistic mandate to explain that it “highlights the important issues we face.”

Our role as a public broadcaster is to speak about what matters to Canadians, and to explore the topics, issues and concerns of citizens. For example, width Canada Day, on the ICI Première, will allow us to reflect on the issues that have rocked the country in recent months, in particular with regard to the examination of conscience that ought to be done on indigenous issues,” detailing Julie Racine, Head of Promotion and Canadian Radio Public Relations.

Earlier this week, Catherine Tate, president and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada, argued in an official letter that the meeting, in 2021, would be an opportunity “to reflect on our past, on the painful trials of the past year and so on.” Our hopes for the future.”

“It will also be an opportunity, often for the first time in over a year, to meet with family and friends, as communities across the country quietly resume their activities, which we have every reason to celebrate,” Catherine Tate added.

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Canada Day LightsThursday 1he is July, 8 p.m., on ICI Télé and CBC.

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